EOD banned?

Was EOD banned from Forumosa? Somehow I doubt anyone here would ban him/her jsut for being an idiot.

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thanks for bringing this to my attention.

No, EOD wasn’t banned – EOD just changed their e-mail address and couldn’t figure out how to use the Activation process.

Last week, when I responded, I admit, I was stretched for time and not interested in activating an account whose new e-mail address could have been mistyped anyway. Here’s what I sent back[quote=“In e-mail last Tuesday, I”]>>Subject: Re: [forumosa admin] Please reactivate my password EOD

Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 17:37:52 +0800 (CST)


If you want us to activate your account, we need you to tell us what
your account name is first. Is it “EOD”?

But really, now, the system is NOT designed for member accounts to be
re-activated by the administrators (unless, of course we banned you –
in which case, this is a whole other matter – normally, those who
manae to get themselves banned, stay banned forever)

If you changed your password or e-mail address, or simply forget what
your password is, request your password FROM THE website and click on
the Activation link that is sent to you.

This is the way things have always been on this forum. You have a lot
more control over your account than you probably realize.

Let us know if you STILL need our help.

09xx xxxxxxx


EOD never confirmed what their Forumosa.com account name is, even after replying to the message above. After replying to EOD with the message below, I activated the account:

[quote=“In e-mail, I”]Hi E D,

When you change your e-mail address, the system automatically deactivates
your account and sends you an activation link to that new e-mail address.
I figure this is to make sure you entered your address correctly. Only
after you have visited that link can you log in.

I have activated your account manually. I took a guess that ‘eod’ is
indeed your account name. You should be able to log in now. Let me know if
you still have problems.[/quote]

Now, maybe the e-mail address change process is different from what I understand. Would someone do me a favor and confirm that you do NOT get an activation link e-mailed to you if you change your e-mail address

I thouhgt it must be something like that.


thanks Brian, got a good laugh out of that rant.