Equal time for the opposition: The UN

SHALL WE now begin by devoting equal time in the spirit of parity. It’s only fair.

The United Nations

Kofi Annan’s Reform Plan

Screw the UN. Love your avatar. :laughing:

I ASK we take the International Politics Forum to the virtual UN floor from halls of Washington, D.C. until we have about the same amount of invective with the UN Way as the focal point?

Ha ha ha… Compredo. International Politics=White House foreign policy. Can you blame me for wanting to hear a pin drop with all the noise in here? For those of you who did not click on my links, you learned the UN is not so well organized procedurally.

double poste

OK. Well. I’m back to vindicate myself to myself by telling myself why the United Nations is NOT good at international politics. No one countered my suggestion, so I

I think you’re preaching to the choir here. The U.N. was exposed as obsolete (or at least ineffective) 3 years ago when after a whole bunch of resolutions indicating otherwise they opposed U.S. involvement in Iraq, but could do nothing about it.

The U.N. is a evil cult.