eReaders in Taiwan

I have seen Kobo eReaders mentioned in other threads, particularly in the Learning Chinese forum. But it seems those Forumosans bought theirs outside of Taiwan.

I read news releases from earlier this year (as recently as Sep) that Rakuten and Rakuten Taiwan had plans to launch the Kobo in Taiwan within 6 months. Does anyone have any news about this?

Bump. Available in Taiwan at a walk-in shop?

I think I bought them online. I got one for my brother and another for a friend in Manila. Soon after, the Kindle Paperwhite came out. My brother and my friend actually returned theirs to me.

None at Eslite, FNAC, 3C.

According to the video at this link, Taiwan Rakuten Kobo launched in 2016, which doesn’t jibe with the original post above. In the video, I saw a Cité bookstore - I would ask there where a Kobo might be available for sale offline.

Otherwise, maybe check the Rakuten Ichiba website and try to reach a seller there in caser they might recommend a shop offline?

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Might have to break down and buy online shopping.

May be. I connected with someone from Taiwan tech support via LinkedIn and here was his response:

Thanks for you to add me in and thanks for you interested in our e-Reader. I am a contract technical support for Kobo and locate in Taiwan. I am not sure where can buy our e-Reader offline. As I know, it only can buy via the website. Sorry for I cannot provide enough information to you.

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  1. Anyone have any experiences to share from using Kobo ereader?
  2. Do you use Taiwan store or another store to buy ebooks?
  3. If using Taiwan ebook store, are all books also available in English?
  4. How do you add non-protected content to Kobo? Like personal documents or free ebooks?

I’m now looking at the Kobo Libra H2O, small size, waterproof.

  • Kobo devices can read documents in many different formats, including EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, and CBR.
  • Kobo recently updated its interface to make the device more suitable for studying. The Libra H2O makes it easy to view all your annotations in a single menu. You can quickly and easily jump to bookmarked pages.

Also Kobo Clara.

Supposedly available at these Taiwan locations.

Bought the Kobo Clara HD at Syntrend for nt$3999 and case for nt$799.


What floor on Syntrend? My partner has a Kobo, but its almost time for it to be retired and needs a new one.

The 8th floor (maybe 7th floor) of Syntrend has a shop with at least 3 brands of ereaders. It’s not a full on electronics shop, more like a trinket and toy shop. They are not visible without entering the shop. I saw Kobi, Hyread, and another brand that starts with an M.

Haven’t seen ereaders anywhere else in the building or area. Kobo is also available at Eslite bookstores, but they don’t seem to have variety or even available in all shops.

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I’ve seen them available for purchase online at PC Home:

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Loving my Kobo Clara HD.

  • Pros
    • Can read many ebook formats/types unlike Kindle that only reads Kindle format
    • Can add non-Kobo purchased ebooks
    • Small, can carry in pocket, unlike comparable kindle with same size screen
    • Battery lasts for weeks on one charge
    • Very, very light weight. Lighter than smartphone.
    • No glare or reflection like phone or iPad
    • Can read and flip pages with one hand while doing other things like hold a drink
    • Wifi automatically connects when needed for searching
    • Web browser
    • Can check out ebooks from library via Overdrive
    • Usable without wire connection to computer
    • Syncs with Pocket read-later app
  • Cons
    • Limited availability of Overdrive ebooks from Taipei public library
  • Other
    • Case is great and useful at perfect angle as a stand

Update: Syntrend 7th floor, at least 4 brands; Kobo, Hyread, Mooink, Mobiscribe, plus accessories like covers.

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I bought my kids a Kobo Libre H20 and they love it. They’ve always been big readers but now we have to actually tell them to stop reading for a bit and go play a game.

I’m thinking I need to update my Kobo since it’s around six years old and the screen is getting a little faded–right where I hit the screen all the time.

Audiobook sale.

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Latest firmware update adds new option.

Kobo has a new budget ereader out called Kobo Nia. Should be priced around NT$3000.

Are there any eBook readers for Letter or A4 documents? Ideally something you can also take notes on. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt to read Clowning Around and the WCA newsletters on a mobile screen.

In stock at Syntrend.