Erectile Dysfunction

I just dread the following scenario:
Me: Doctor, I’ve got erectile dysfunction.
Dr: What?
Me: Erectile dysfunction.
Other patients within earshot: Ha ha ha!
Dr: What is erectile dysfunction?
Me: My schlong is jelly!
Patients: Ha ha ha
Dr: Come again?
Patients: ha ha ha

Indeed it can be embarrassing but it really shouldn’t be. The number one factor in not being able to achieve a suitable erection is actually stress and anxiety. This is closely followed by high body fat and high cholesterol. Various medications may also weaken erections. While all this can be intimidating a bit of education can go a very long way. A very good book on the subject “The Hardness Factor”. It was written by an M.D. from the US. Surprisingly he focuses on nutrition, sleep, and exercise first and foremost and pharmaceuticals only as an interim solution and perhaps as somewhat of a last resort. Solid information and advice. Worth the look for a longer term solution.

[quote]Me: Doctor, I’ve got erectile dysfunction.
Dr: What?
Me: Erectile dysfunction.[/quote]
In Taiwan? Won’t happen. Or you could just say “ED.” They know perfectly well what it is and how to treat it. … nitals.htm

ducks have 40 cm dicks that they can erect in 1/3 of a second. and they’re spiral! Woohoo!

Um, back on topic, ED is due to many causes. get a specialist to have a look for you.

Good idea! A specialist. Anyone know of any kindly doctors who someone might want to visit with this type of problem? It’s something I’d like to sort out soon.

This may not be helpful, but I found it fascinating. I met an acupuncturist who claims that she makes more money treating erectile dysfunction than everything else she treats combined.

So, you know . . . I just had to ask . . . where she sticks the needles.

In the anus and . . . um . . . beyond.

She claims that many of her clients come to her because they PREFER these treatments to traditional western fixes such as viagra or cialis. :loco:

Well some obviously prefer a firm little prick to none at all.


Oh! Touche.