Ergonomic Office Equipment

I’m looking for high-quality ergonomic office equipment, but am having trouble finding retailers in Taizhong that carry it. I’m looking for an articulating keyboard systesm, pedal controls, high-end keyboards, and laptop holders. Example brand’s: Humanscale ( I’ll probably just buy a Kinesis keyboard when I’m back in the United States later this month, but I should be able to find a decent keyboard system and laptop holder in Taiwan. If anyone knows some good retailers for such equipment in Taizhong or Taibei, I’d appreciate the tip.

I take it you’ve never worked for a local company then?
Ergonomics aren’t considered here, at all.
I’ve never seen any of the stuff you’re talking about, although there are a few stores I’ve seen that have ergonomic children’s furniture, but that’s about it.
I doubt it’s impossible to find good stuff here, but you’ll pay through the nose for it.

I work from a home office. I suppose you are right, but I know that there are Taiwanese companies making the stuff, I was hoping some were actually selling it here as well.

If you run a search for the word ergonomic you’ll find we have a thread on such keyboards here.

If you search for 人體工學 (ergonomic) in combination with your other terms you can find some such items online at PChome, Ruten etc. (Chinese ability is required, but you can probably get a local friend to help out).

Thanks, I’ll look into those links you posted on the other thread.