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I’m asking this question here because there is a higher concentration of Europeans here than anywhere else I know.

I’m planning my Euro vacation and I’d like to visit both countries.

My default is to stay in both countries three nights each.

Is it easy enough visit both places while only staying in one?

Any pointers appreciated.

Well, there is a body of water called the Gulf of Finland between the two. It’s about 100km by Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. Maybe check on the ferry schedules to see how many per day. Looks to be doable but not as a day trip.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll use the ferry in place of plane when I’m done with Estonia and move on to Finland.

I don’t think it’ll be easy to do that because the ferry ride is actually kind of long. I know some people do it, but it’s better to spend at least one night in either Estonia or Helsinki. I did this trip once and staying in Estonia proved necessary. It’s much cheaper to stay in Estonia than in Helsinki though.


Thanks. Is there luggage on the ferry? I think I adjusted my plans to 4 nights in Tallin, then take the ferry over for two nights in Helsinki.

How much, in your estimate, would it cost?

If you’re going there you might as well take the ferry to St. Petersburg. It’s visa-free.


I’ve not been to Helsinki or Tallinn, but I have been to Stockholm, which allegedly is like the same as Helsinki except it is considerably larger. Everything closed at like 5pm and it turned dark at like 11pm in June.

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Luggage? They are BIG ferries.

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Thanks. I’m not there primarily for sightseeing but I should definitely take that into consideration.

What would? The ferry? I think it’s pretty expensive.

No. The entire trip.

It’ll cost me more than $5000 USD. I’m going to five different countries.

Nice :+1:t3: enjoy. Do you plan to pre-book hotels or find something once you’re there ?

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Thanks. Prebook. I’m just buying planet tickets first because the prices are time-sensitve.

In my first stop I’ll be staying in a hostel with meals prepared already.

Have done this trip some years ago. There is the ferry which IIRC has a fast option. You can also do a helicopter ride which is obviously even faster and more fun.

IMO Helsinki is a lot more fun and while Tallinn has a quaint historical centre, there is not much else to see. I would say day trip or one night’s stay at most in Tallinn.


BTW if you are going further into the Baltics would recommend Riga and Kaunas over Tallinn.

The ferry is dirt cheap.

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Wife & I did an extensive trip thru Scandinavia Summer 2019. From Helsinki we took the train to St. Petersburg, with VISA processing done while you’re sitting on the train after crossing the land border. Super easy and faster than doing airports. Read stories of long waits at St. Pete airport upon arrival for immigration, so the train was the right call.
After 5 days in St. Pete, did the train back to Helsinki and with an approx. 2-hour window caught a tram outside the rail station to one of the ferry terminals for Tallin. Made the connection in plenty of time. Ferry was big, comfortable and lively. Lots of Fins heading to Tallin for the cheap booze. Lots of duty free shops on the ferry. many people simply doing ferry “booze runs” and returning on the next ferry back to Helsinki.
Highly recommend a couple days/nites in Tallin. Certainly one of our favorite stops on our trip.
Finally, Helsinki is nothing like Stockholm. Surprised a poster said that.
Safe travels.


If I recall there are 2 (3?) ferry lines plying the Helsinki/Tallin route. Do your research on times and ferry terminal locations. Buying a r/t on one line does not allow you to use the other line if you’re stuck after missing your original ferry. You’d need to buy new tix.

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Is it walkable in Tallinn from boat docks or do you need other transport?