ETC - On the back of large Vehicles - why?

I have noticed as you probably have, that many big vehicles like trucks or buses now have the letters “ETC” on the back.

What is this for?
Anyone know?

Perhaps to inform other divers that they use the ETC system at the toll plazas.

So that other road users might know which lane they are weaving towards in the great queue jump at the toll booth? I can’t imagine this level of public-spiritedness amongst Taiwan’s ‘professional’ drivers. It must be law that they put them on, or it’s considered a status symbol.

It could be to allow the drivers to know as they approach their transport whether or not they need to prepare tickets before setting off. It could also be to allow the managers a heads-up on which vehicles need to be checked for topping up on their credit.

It’s short for the Latin et cetera, indicating that there might be other similar vehicles to follow.

Its a misprint.
There is supposed to be an “A” in there…ETAC.

[i]“Et Tu, Ah Chung?”[/i]

Its a Shakespearean thing…

I think it’s to warn drivers behind them that they will take the heavy goods ETC lane and sprint through…could be wrong though.

err… actually, it’s the acronym for “Electronic Toll Collection”, common term on toll roads in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Yes, I got that.