Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018

Curious how much you have put into these investments?
If you don’t want to declare dollar amount, then what % of your total assets (including apartment, cash, and other stocks) are you trading?


I’m trading substantial part of cash savings. I dont have a mortgage and no debt so better than just leaving too much savings in cash right. Its a bubble but rather be in than out.
I have a job that I work hard at but even though this year we had phenomenal year with 50% growth the corporation will probably just give me two months extra bonus and a salary increment. To me that’s a joke.

By end of month i could hypothetically make sum equal to my entire years savings so that’s the way the game is set up. There are other considerations as well.
Dont forget I am investing in massive distributed platforms with large numbers of independent developers and businesses operating on them which generate huge amounts of transactions fees. These are very profitable entities and will continue to be more so.
I have given the transaction number stats above.
Some of the 'platforms even pay a 5% dividend per year.

The corporations are keeping too much of the profits for their insider shareholders and boards. Before venture capitalists controlled the first few rounds of funding so the little guy didn’t get to win big . I think ICOS and coin exchanges level the playing field and offer an extraordinary opportunity for the little guy. You could be in Africa or the Andes you just need a computer connection and you play on almost equal terms in this market. It really is extraordinary.

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They might level the playing field but it’s full of scams and bullshit and might end up hurting more 3rd world investors than anything before it settles into clear future path. Then there is the actual cashing out part which I imagine must be nightmare in many countries.

The current system has lots of checks and balances for a good reason. Lots of stocks like Apple that one could have bought at a few dollars and made thousands of % return.
The old school idea of merely doubling your investment over 5 years period is now way too boring for the crypto world they want 5 days now.

I’m amazed that the nearly 1 trillion dollars in cryptos hasn’t ALL moved into Ethereum, Neo and several others with actual viable use cases sending them soaring 10x in days…Lots of South Korean student Japanese housewives throwing money into anything cheap.

It’s really a testament to this thing that in the country that had the worst crisis the Mt Gox exchange saga is the country that has most embraced crypto and legislated it as legal tender … Japan! JP Morgan CEO just said he “regrets calling Bitcoin a scam”

I regret calling it a scam too

Yeah a lot of people are losing money and will lose money . Tonnes and tonnes of scam coins and fly by nighters in it for a quick buck.
But I think you can spot them quite easily if you DYOR. Do your own research.

Its a very funny world with its own lexicon

  • To the moon ! (When a coin shoots up and everybody gets excited…Its kind of like football fans at a game)
  • Don’t FUD me (spreading dear and uncertainty )
  • Don’t FOMO man! (Fear of missing out)
  • Don’t shill me your coin
  • Altcoins (not BTC and now not Ether possibly)
  • Shitcoins (alts that are crap)
  • pump and dump (groups choose little known coins to run up the value suddenly, attract others and then dump just as quickly taking profits)

There’s a technical lexicon as well, proof or work, proof of stake, Ethereum based, tangle, consensus, nodes, gas, wallets,…its goes on…

I give @Brianjones and all others who have made money on crypto currencies all the full credit they deserve and more, because they are so volatile, and because they jumped in on it.

However, I still see too many bitcoins being stolen from trading exchanges; or instances of Mt Gox; or very few common people (extremely few common people) in on this sector to believe it is actually viable at this point or even in the next decade; the learning curve on this technology is huge; it is not like the Interent “point-and-click” learning curve; some exchanges are now not allowing new accounts to be set up; or the example of large Australian banks freezing accounts related to bitcoin; or the IRS in the U.S. demanding all account information from cryptocurrency exchanges of Americans who trade it; about 1000 people or less in control of 40% or more of all bitcoins; transactions times lag; it is not easy to get your money out (in big volume); liquidity (lack of) is huge; the list goes on. Nothing about how crypto currencies are set up now makes it easy for any mainstream use.

Granted, that doesn’t mean people cannot make some more money on it (or ride the roller-coaster up and day), but there is nothing fluid or easy about this “new” technology in terms of ever replacing stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities as true investments.

On a side note, how many people who have traded bitcoin have actually read the original paper on bitcoin that’s on the Internet? I have.

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I bought a nano ledger s to store some part of my coins off line. You feel like James Bond when using it :joy:
There are a few systematic issues such as Bitfinex USDT that make me quite concerned. Hacking happens to all organisations the exchanges are evolving methods to deal with hackers.

Lots of questions…if everything’s decentralized where is customer service? Who do I call to reverse changes? decentralized lending do we need it? Will Neo’s decades in the making software platform really link to all gadgets and do what it says or is it just a bunch of academics tinkering around? Many more

None of this matters though. If you can double of 5x or 10x your money that’s all that matters! You think MLM pyramid companies aren’t scams? Those stocks have rallied for decades

An interesting tangent you could go off on crypto industry if it really revolutionizes the way we do business is to theorize that tens of millions of people lose their jobs…it’s all decentralized on the cloud with full trust and all automated…what happens to the tens of millions of people working in insurance, finance, etc industries?

I don’t believe in Ethereum the way it stands, but more fool me for sticking with Ripple the last few days and not diversifying a little. What a bloodbath! Only NEO has saved my hide.

Bought more Ethereum and Neo for once. Binance is finally back up today so I registered.

I have gone back in for a massive bunch of LEND now that it has been cratering last few days . Absolute crime that people cannot recognise an already profitable business .
Its now available at about 27 cents or so with big discounts against BTC and ETH.

It had an ATH at 40 cents and that was with less track record and undeveloped product .

I have been buying all the way down last day or so hopefully we’ll reach the bottom now. Everybody had gone running to Ethereum it seems.

When ETHlend get the website sorted , introduce group lending and sentiment switches back Im going to make a killing . Neo is my rock that ensures I won’t go bankrupt anyway!

Its a bit risky but now going into HODL and waiting for better days and weeks.

I was big in XRP at the start and then I started sweating it when I saw the Koreans were the majority of the traders and that most is held by one company.

I think the market is moving away from currencies as they are fairly easy to replicate and more towards platforms and niche solutions .

So, @BrianJones, youve got some stones

As a long-term US resident here I dont have a US bank account or credit card
How can I get things like Neos or ETHlend? Or am I limited to Maicoin and their 3 choices?

ReBorn: “Please tell me exactly what to do to strike it rich”

Brian: “…”

ReBorn i’ll chip in and help. Got an ARC, job? Go to Carrefour and get a credit card.
Good luck to you my son I think you’ll make millions. (100% not sarcastic)

Someone’s got crypto fever … just look at these acronyms!
HODL without googling it I’m going to say “Hold On For Dear Life”?

Its a Reddit meme…Funnier than just saying Hold.

Waiting for ‘To the moon’…

Buy on bitoex or coinbase (some countries applicable) then send to any online exchange.

Thanks for your advice. Here’s mine, learn to read.

Have had Taiwan cc for years, not the point.

But I’m sure you meant well.

Hmm, already tried coinbase. It says “transactions from your country aren’t allowed”

Guess the independence advocates would say , “Yeah!, they called us a country!”

Binance is not accepting new registrations seems shady even for crypto exchanges and has bad online reviews

will try Bitoex, thanks BrianJones

You’re absolutely right that lending is as basic a human action as pissing. Could be huge. Just briefly looked at the whitepaper. How does the using eth as collateral thing work in practice? One surely needs to borrow more than one has and what’s to stop people defaulting if there are no real assets or fiat money to take away?

You get your bank account verified on bitoex can then use atm to make the transaction, makes it a bit easy to move large amounts though! Credit card is not so bad cos they have limits.