Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018

I’ve done the maths guys so you don’t have to.
Ethereum transaction rate is increasing exponentially. Its doubling per month.
At end of year the transaction number will be 4000 times what it is today.

Price of Ether is directly related to transaction number ergo price of Ether will continue to increase at a very fast rate in 2018.

Ethereum will remain dominant in this space for the forseeable future, first mover advantage, network effect, has a huge ecosystem and many developments to deal with scaling. Something like 85% of dApps and ICOs are dependent on Ethereum.

Just my musings not professional investment advice. Do your own research before investing.

Is investing in Ethereum risky?
IMHO it is very low risk as it is a global decentralised network that cannot be shut down and sits at the base of the smart economy which will finally become a reality in 2018.

Oh but Ethereum shot up so much already?
Yes it did, but this is looking into the future of a fundamental global network that is in very early adoption mode, not at the past.

What happens when Ethereum move to Point of Stake?
Its coin number is limited to 100 million. Lots of juicy price inflation.

Are corporates and hedge funds going to buy Ether?
With these kinds of numbers and potential returns, you’d better believe it.

Could I lose money in 2018?
Yes if there is a big correction and you pull the money out at a low (the crypto market goes through regular corrections and then resumes growth).
Do not invest money that you could not afford to live without!

Could I make bank?
There is a possibility that it could do 10x

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I too have a lot more faith in Ethereum than I ever did with bitcoin. Ethereum is Turing complete, and as far as I can see, the best decentralized platform out there.

I wold love to see a decentralized version of facebook developed for Ethereum, that way they sell their analysis of use data without actually owning our data like how facebook and google currently operates.


Ethereum is much better than Bitcoin right now, faster and cheaper, but how about Lightning network? Everyone is talking about it, and it would be the solution for Bitcoin to become fast and cheap and it would damage all the other coins if it is implemented soon.
This is gamble at this stage…

Also, I am not sure why but Ether network was starting to struggle the same way Bitcoin did because of crypto kitties last month >

The Ether platform is the standard for Apps I believe plus it has a lot of very talented and smart developers including it’s inventor. Ethereum won’t fork like Bitcoin and it is already moving to Proof Stake . There are many projects to scale up Ether too. No contest.
Ethereum is far from perfect but nothing else can match them right now.

I may buy a bit, maybe 1k Euros, and sell short term…

This is pretty funny, the how to get offended guy, and bitcoin, but yea.

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Bought 1.43 of Ethereum.
@Brianjones gives a 50% refund if it fails, so go ahead guys :stuck_out_tongue:

No refunds but you will owe me quite a few beers at the end of the year that’s the bit I guarantee :slight_smile:.

As long as it keeps on track you can dollar cost average some investment monthly in Ethereum through the year.

I wouldnt advise to sell Ethereum short-term it wouldn’t make much sense to me. To me Ethereum is better than holding money in cash as it should appreciate steadily every month (I say not spectacularly like some other higher risk coins but definitely better than any fiat money you could find out there). It also has an upside potential that is very nice .

My strategy is to hedge my portfolio with an allocation in Ethereum , maybe 20%.

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I trust you :wink: hopefully soon for the beers :wink: for the strategies it is honestly very unpredictable and very difficult to anticipate what is the best to do. I bought BTC in August at $3800 (I don’t have “1” BTC though), and no freaking way thought the price would approach 20k so soon… and I still have sold nothing of it! Maybe too greedy! I actually earned a bit of Bitcoin through signature campaigns on and traded what I earned for Bitcoin Cash (“just in case”).
But nothing was sold so far… by short term I mean something like 6 months, and just decide to cash out or not… in 6 months, the history has shown the price of crypto-currencies can really rise high. We’ll see in May/June.

While there’s certainly a lot of speculative money going into Ethereum but it’s not the same business model as Bitcoin , Bitcoin now being digital gold or the digital world dollar .

1000s of ICOs and dApps depend on the Ethereum platform and it’s constantly evolving. To use it you need to use Ether to pay for the smart contracts and transactions. The smart contracts and transactions aren’t particularly cheap. THATS why Ethereum will keep going up for a long time.
Ethereum is limited at 100 million coins when going to Proof of Stake according to the founder himself.

Competition is coming from competing blockchains but Ethereum has an entrenched ecosystem that will grow for quite some time yet. As I mentioned it is currently doubling it’s transaction rate every month!

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ETHlend have a working decentralised lending exchange now on Ethereum. Very cool. I

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Ok just bought more Ethers hope this works out…

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You can see most of the top 20 dumping over the last hour. Ethereum up strong.
I think you guys have hit on the nail here this is the right direction. You can see money shift into it more and eth reaching 500 billion to 1 trillion cap which would be 5-10X.

As use cases and implementation become more concrete and able to see clearer path forwards this year and next you’ll see most of the money on 90% of this crap rush into the key players moving forward. Could and most likely will be Ethereum, Neo, Ripple and one or two others. Most people will have a “what the hell attitude, I went through all this shit to set this all up and it’s just Monopoly money anyway” so they’ll pour into the winners sending them easily up to 1 trillion market cap.

You heard it first right here from GoGogoro Jan 8, 2018

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Keep the advice coming

“Advice” haha

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Have any of you actually used Ethereum to do anything?
It’s slow - Cryptokitties completely screwed up the entire network last month - and the “gas” prices for transactions are infuriating: opaque, impossible to verify before actually trying to complete a transaction, and there’s no options to add gas if you run out.

I had to try to transfer money out of an Ethereum wallet into an exchange TWICE last week - because despite verifying gas costs on the first transaction “ran out of gas” - which meant that I spent 21000 units of gas for nothing. The second transaction I ran with a higher upper limit (42000 units) and it finally cost me 21052.

My money’s on Ripple (super fast, cheap) and Neo.

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Yes other networks like Neo, Icon , Eos, Qtum Ada, all have space to grow as Ethereum is getting a bit expensive and slow . Many ICOs will move to other less crowded faster networks . They can port as well between networks.

Neo beating the pack. Brian already doubled his investment. I’m not salty :confounded:

I cut it down to 50% before the recent really, still I’m well up almot double overall.
A lot of newbies learning a lesson at moment and there is a flight towards Ethereum and Neo and 9ther more solid plays.
Ethereum will double within the month and could go to 10k within the year . There will be some big ups and downs in the way.
Neo could do the same. Its not too late to put some cash in.

Yesterday there was a flash crash I
Of 25% but market recovered within a few hours !