🇪🇺 🇯🇵 Europe/Japan | Honeymoon in Europe or stay in Asia (Japan)

Stuck in a dilemma on whether to stick to Japan or another asian area or to venture into Europe for honeymoon. We will go in winter.

If I stay in Asia our budget will stretch more simply from airfare (between 1,500-1700 for Europe for 2 people vs 400(or cheaper)-700 in Asia.

I also know Europe will be really cold. But my fiancee as spent a lot of time already traveling through Asia and has never seen Europe. We also have the chance to be there on Christmas which I think might be more special to her since she’s taiwanese so never really celebrated it outside of these past few years with me and my family.

The European options are fly to Athens during Christmas - new years (1500 for the flight but it’s scoot so probably closer to 1700 with bags, seat, and meal) or fly to Venice during new years and into January.

For Asia, were probably looking at Japan. I’d ve open to Korea, Thailand or Malaysia or somewhere else even.

One last option is a super cheap flight to Perth for about 600 dollars round trip for 2 people. But from what I saw, Australia looks a bit of a boring place especially on a budget.

Total Budget is roughly 5k USD (or 160,000 ntd)

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Raft on the River Kwai and all the ganja in the world. Do it. Do it.

(That’s where I’ll be for CNY)


Go to the bigger Austronesian country named Zealand. If you go in winter, it’d be summer there.


i wont recommend going to Europe on Christmas, everything is closed and ppl spend time with their family. kinda like traveling to Taiwan on CNY :slight_smile:
I have been to japan 4 times, and each time was fun, that would he my choice, but its not my honeymoon…


I don’t think my Indian visa is still valid since I had to replace my passport. I checked the new passport and the visa pages are not in the new one. But the old visa in the old passport is still valid. How does this work?

I did love India

Edit: shit I misread ganja for ganges :joy: I responded way too fast

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But the flights are way pricier

Go to tropical Asia and chill. Boracay, Perhentian or somesuch.


If before Christmas and unless you’re in dire need of sun and warmth, I say go to Europe, enjoy the Christmas markets and lights and festive feeling. Pick suitable cities for such.

If after Christmas then no not Europe. Slow cold dull season.

Either time, even if something is open, it could be cold or just dull and boring and not many special events and activities. Except museums and malls if you want to be indoors.

Japan and Korea will be cold. Thailand better than Malaysia or do both.

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God, I’d love to be in Europe right now…

God, I’d love to be inside someone in Europe right now…

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Congrats. That was quick!

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I think these are good points.

So if it’s the original dates (depends on whether my fiancee can pick up that sworn marriage statement from consular affairs for me since I can’t leave work) then I’ll keep my trip to Greece.

If it’s after, I’ll choose somewhere in Asia and not do the Venice trip

Thanks! But actually we’ve been together since 2019

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what? Unless you talk about small shops, everything is open for Christmas period! So many people after boxing day travelling (we have a say in Italy, Christmas with family, New Year with whomever you want).

Travelling in Europe during Christmas is beautiful, especially in Mitteleurope (Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland and Southern Germany, Czechia, Alpine France). All the Christmas Markets in the town centres, the food specific for the time and in general the festivity is amazing.

It is one of the busiest period ever for tourism in general in the mountain regions, different if you go seaside.


How about new years and the weeks following? I found some reasonable tickets to Venice for December 31-11ish

so, generally in Catholic countries Christmas holidays end on 6-Jan (Epiphany), New year is a big thing, with fireworks in most cities. Hence it is still considered as high season. So the small shops usually reopens after 1-Jan, some might take up to 6-Jan, after that is normal business again.

Meals on 31-Dec are ludicrously expensive, especially dinner. After that, all normal again.

Venice in Winter can be miserable: high tide, fog, very humid, some rain. Not the best tbh.


Well I was thinking of just making it the port of entry and heading to other parts of north Italy or maybe Austria? Maybe Innsbruck or Salzburg or maybe all the way up to Munich?

If I try this i should have about 10 days total. But it’s also a honeymoon so it should focus on romance and not be too quick/ too much travel time I think

Go also a bit in South Tyrol, albeit being Italy, very very Austrian :laughing:

Like Merano/Meran, Bolzano/Bozen and Vipiteno/Sterzing Christmas Markets are very very nice, Meran the best imo (and they have lovely hotsprings, after all it was the Imperial Resort city during the Austro-Hungarian times).

Then absolutely go to Innsbruck and Salzburg, lovely cities. Munich can be quite a stretch, but worth a visit too. From Venice trains go all the way to Innsbruck and beyond, and they stop along the way in Bozen and Meran.

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Wow great thanks! I’ve been here before but I didn’t know what I was doing and went east and then south into the Balkans. (Was also in winter. I didn’t think Venice was too bad in winter when I went in 2017).

But my time in Munich and Austria was entirely misspent. I only spent time in Vienna and Munich exclusively (that was in summer). This time it’d be better to 1 be with my wife and 2. To follow the less beaten/touristy track and enjoy the beauty of Europe better.

Thanks for your help!


As people have said, the alpine region is wonderful, but keep an eye out and be aware of the energy situation in Europe especially Germany.

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