🇪🇺 🇷🇺 Europe/Russia | Effects of Russian Unrest on Travel in Eastern EU?

Had scheduled Lithuania / Estonia meetings in two weeks. With Vilnius so close to the boarder and the domestic Russian unrest last few days was thinking should I pay the change fee and delay the trip, would hate be stuck there travel is limited?

As long as you don’t fly over Russia it should be fine imho.

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Everyone has already adjusted to flying around Russian and Ukrainian airspace. It was a pain for international trade logistics and commercial flights. But they’ve all got their routes now.

Unless the war extends beyond Russia and Ukraine, I wouldn’t expect an issue.


Not worried about flying over Russia, more so Russia flying over Vilnius as Russia is on the Western boarder and on the East. In the past they drove or took the train though Lithuania, which is not allowed now, but in a civil war hope they will follow the Lithuania boarders. I think will read the travel insurance coverage more carefully.

Airlines from China seem fly over Russia, they have very cheap prices out of Taiwan but still not sure would fly them,

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Now, that was is the same but other wars in Western Asia, my flight to FCO-Roma羅馬-法林明高機場 last month took a longer route so about 30 minutes extra travel time (but less my extra traffic tonight from Kenting to KHH.