🇪🇺 Europe | Winter in the Baltics and Finland

Tons of empty tankers stretching north and south of harbor.
So easy for one to meander toward harbor entrance and sink for reasons to be known later.

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ok, so like a normal day with ships offshore! Bikini’s too I guess (friend sent photos from the Eastern beaches trying to surf, saw many Bikinis ha)

A few bikinis by Cijin beach. Some even there for surfing.

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So, your at Kiekkobussi Areena - Lempäälän Jäähalli?? Play or watch a game or something else interesting?

Nope, just an immature meme I saw. Kind of fascinating how the river(?) meanders in such a fashion, geologically speaking.

Finland is pretty high on my temporarily-held visit list, still. I’ve been recommended it so many times by people that have lived there that I would fit into the culture that i’m curious if it indeed would be the case.

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Enjoy the warm air, its -5 or lower now here ! (still the love for Ukraine and hate for the supreme leaders)

Flew into Riga, Latvia (been there before via car from Vilnius), got riped off by bandit cab paying a lot more than I should have. Its the only Baltic Airport with people (a lot)outside the international exit asking you bring you somewhere. Talinn is good and has trams (local free, non local 1,5 euro), Vilnius has cheap nice bus, one Euro cash or less with local IC Card, my Riga bandit cab paid 35 euro all city centres. At the KHH bullet train terminal there was someone asking if I needed a ride which is not normal but there has been a shortage of cabs there and at times at KHH airport.

Vilnius is good with red bus,

KHH Airport ???

If you happen to visit Prague, it is also known for its “Bandit” Taxi Drivers.

Not sure why you bring up KHH while talking about Baltic states and then go to the bullet train station (Zuoying?), which is not exactly at the KHH airport.

You get approached by cab drivers at Zuoying, but what does that have to do with Latvia?

I flew from the Baltics via Finland to Taiwan, and out of KHH (Kaoshuing) airport to the EU, so all within six days and one trips. So maybe did not detail write it well. I tried to say at the Bullet train station the bandit cab drivers are the same as in Riga airport.