Europe - Winter in the Baltics and Finland

Fin Air has service to my regional Japan to Euro area via Finland. With Japan open to more to travel (resident and business) thinking in the late fall going Baltics for business and stop over in Helsinki and Japan (visit family) for a few days. Do things operate normally in winter darkness and the snow in Helsinki or do people stay home more? I thought it snows like northern Japan but seems it is much less snow but the days maybe are much shorter. In Sapporo things run pretty much normal even with the heavy snow, but I know cities like Tokyo or Paris do not run well with snowfall but not sure about Helsinki.

Also tips on food, seems good seafood and coffee. I saw Finns drink the most coffee per person in the world and I would like try something local as far as drinks.


This. Have been to Stockholm in heavy snow at -25 a few times. The infrastructure is mostly unaffected. Finland is even more prepared, as i understand.

Two things to be aware of, articulated trucks do not have snow tyres so stay away from them. And be aware of very large chunks of ice falling from roofs.

Visiting the sauna is pretty much a must. They even had a sauna in a Burger King a while ago, if it is still there. This is a social occasion for the Finns.

I duno what you’re used to but the culture is fairly reclusive, generalising here though.

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Thanks ! The sauna at BK sounds interesting. I do miss the bath house in Japan (and Korea) as Taiwan does not have this. I will see if any hot spring near the city too!

I don’t know about winter but I visited Helsinki and it’s one of my favorite cities to visit. I really like it there


Helsinki is a lovely little city, but it’s pretty small, it doesn’t take long to see and do everything. They’re well prepared for winters infrastructure-wise, the worst thing is just that the days are so short, only about 6 hours of sunlight in December/January.


I’m going again in July. I heard the yachting is pretty good.

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So why did you like it? Do I need a car, or is public transport good?

Helsinki is much better to be visited in the Summer. You mention late fall as your trip. This is the worst time of the year to visit Helsinki. Between October and X-mas there likely is no snow, it will be cold, rainy and very very dark. Lapland (northern part of Finland) will be ok from November forward as there should be snow on the ground by then. But overall for Finland I would visit southern Finland and Helsinki during July (the lakes and archipelago are truly beautiful) and northern Finland in March - April.

Snow or freezing temps will not cause any disruptions in Finland. Comparing to Sapporo its the temperature that can surprise you more than the snow. Its colder in Finland than Sapporo

Coffee. There are lots of coffee shops in Helsinki as any other city but I don’t think coffee is something that is done better in Finland than elsewhere. Helsinki has nice restaurants if you are into dining though.

As for flights with Russian airspace closed Japan is actually very far from Finland so its not a great stop over place if starting in Taiwan.


I wish I could go in summer but its work related and many people are off on summer vacations. As for Japan I have family there thus the reason for the stopover (and Fin Air does not fly to Taiwan). So what are nice recommendations for dining do you have. I will try the Burger King with a Sauna though. And yes Euro-Japan flights seem longer but to Finland seems they fly over the north pole.

Have you been to Hakaniemi Old Market Hall? Worth a visit, from the blog it looks good. They have deer meat items like northern Japan (where there is too many deer who need birth control)

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I will be there a day this summer for a meeting (still go in winter for a longer trip) so will try eat and drink more if I have time. A Taiwanese girl who was student there gave me lots places to eat and socialize so will try visit as much as I can.

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In nearby Estonia, nice weather and good for outdoor dining. Link has photo outdoors in the old town. I will still go longer this fall with more free time.

Shakshouka at Wow’s 邦查 Cafe(波浪屋2號倉庫) - Cuisine / East Coast & Islands Restaurants - Forumosa

Also nice seafood

Also airport coffee cafe is nice

Trams like in KHH (seems same model) except Tallin ones have female names

Lots of protest signs in from Russian offices in Tallin

Meatballs, some fish and dark break for breakfast. Nice food for me


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Nice summer in Finland & Baltics. I see lots of people with shorts for the long days (and warm for them) and nice dress ups in the summer evenings.

where are the Estonian and Finnish women?

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haha, women also look good, slim like Taiwanese. The second photo is Lithuanian park with water fountains and women in Bikinis enjoying the sun on the far right side (cut off).

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You know… points get taken away for cutting out women in bikini pics.
Do you need to take proper lessons from @MalcolmReynolds :slight_smile:

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You can go visit one of the Kaohsiung beaches and maybe see Bikinis and wave to the China Navy. Much warmer there too, doubtful Finland or Lithuanian water spots get above 30.

I’m going to go biking around NSYSU and up the road past its western entrance to look for ChiComm naval ships :slight_smile:

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What did you see? Boats & more?