European Nationals: Travel from China to Taiwan

I have a friend that wants to first visit Shanghai before he comes to Taiwan to visit me in June. (No need for comments on this please.) What I want to know is if the latest quarantee applies to non-Chinese/HK/Taiwan nationals. The guys is from Germany and is not a resident of HK, China or Taiwan. Will he be subjected to the quarantine as well? The way I heard it, was that HK and China nationals would be quarantined, and Taiwan nationals would be quarantined to their house. Please show me where it says that for example someone from Germany traveling first to China for several days in China (Not a transit flight) then coming to Taiwan, would also be subject to quarantine.

I don’t have a reference, but a professor who was to have come here from Beijing just e-mailed me telling me that he had cancelled and just in time: he’s a Canadian national, and:

[i]“nobody except Taiwan citizens may enter from China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Canada because of SARS. People coming home to Taiwan from these places will be required to spend 10 days in quarantine regardless of their health.”

from today’s newspaper[/i]

I don’t know which newspaper he means, he reads English and Chinese, but he’s a reliable source of information, and because of his own, long-scheduled travel had to investigate this from official sources.

For what it’s worth…

I saw an article abou this in today’s Taipei Times, but they still didn’t make it very clear.

Nevermind, I just found out that it is everyone, including nationals from Europe and the USA etc., that must be quarantined to a special government hotel for 10 days.

why not write an e-mail and ask them??
the policies change everyday. i think what will happen in June may be very different from it does in May.
here is the website of the CKS airport. it’s supposed to have some update news about SARS and the related policies of entering TW.
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It already happened. 14 flights in total so far from Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam were canceled today, but you bring up a good point about June. Perhaps within a month from now things will change.

Yeah just came back from Bali. The airport was pretty scary. Everyone regardless of nationality who came in from China, HK, Singapore, Toronto, vietnam are quarantined.

I thought they stopped that already. At least that is what the news is saying. Now they only quarantine HK nationals and not transits. Is that right?

Aceman, how was Bali? Did you get up to Ubud? Legian? What’s the tourist situation like there?

not according to the Taiwan Headlines article from yesterday:


Citizens of non-SARS areas who transited through SARS areas aren’t automatically quarantined as long as they can show they were really only transiting and didn’t stay.

But other automatic quarantines remain in effect, though I think Vietnam was just taken off the list.

Bali was cool, only there for 2 days. Stayed around the Kuta area. Everything was cool, great food, friendly people. Not as many tourists as I was expecting, but still a decent number. Maybe things will pick up once summer comes around.