Eurotrash Quiz!

NOTE: this quiz should be taken only by Europeans
who have never been to America or have spent only a
brief time there. Americans who try to take it are likely
to be quite confused–especially if they are American
intellectuals, which may just show how far their image
of Europe is from the reality.

  1. I already know all about America from their films
    and television, so I don’t need any advice on how to
    behave while travelling over there. TRUE FALSE

  2. Compared to Europeans, most Americans are basically
    insensitive. This means it’s almost impossible to hurt
    their feelings. TRUE FALSE

  3. In many ways the US truly had the September 11 terrorist
    attacks coming, simply from their arrogant manner of forcibly
    imposing their so-called culture on other more mature
    societies. TRUE FALSE

  4. Americans do not speak correct English as I learned
    it in school but are only capable of speaking a
    low-grade dialect. It is my duty to bring their linguistic
    failings to their attention as often as possible.

  5. The “American Century” has now drawn to a close,
    and the 21st Century will belong to Europe.

  6. Europe has always been the real center of world
    culture and always will be. Americans will simply have
    to adjust to this reality. TRUE FALSE

  7. The ruins of the South Bronx, the savage race riots in
    Los Angeles, and above all the high level of violent
    aggression among most Americans make Europe look far
    more civilized by comparison. TRUE FALSE

  8. America went from infancy to decadence in a single
    generation without ever passing through true maturity.

  9. The main point of the European Union is to stop the US
    from dumping their goods here and establish markets for
    European goods over there. TRUE FALSE

  10. Compared to Europe, America is a very young country. This
    means that all Americans are essentially children and must
    follow advice from their European elders.

    Assign yourself two points if you answered Questions
    (1), (2), or (3) as “TRUE.” Assign yourself one
    point for every other question you answered as
    “TRUE.” Your place in the Eurotrash spectrum is as

           1--3 points: Mild Eurotrash Syndrome
           4--6 points: Moderate Eurotrash
           7--9 points: Advanced Eurotrash
          10 or more points: Severe (& Possibly
             Incurable) Eurotrash Syndrome
 You are totally safe from all signs of this illness only
 if you answered all the above questions as "FALSE."

NOTE: the Eurotrash Quiz is based on an article that originally
appeared in–of all places–THE EUROPEAN, Robert Maxwell’s paper
published out of London. You can read the entire article and see
how the Quiz fits in by visiting this website at: … .htm#totop