Evangelical 'Prophet' Claims Military Carrying Out Coup to Reinstate Trump as President

Wish the crazy evangelicals would stick to predicting the end of the world and committing group suicide and healing people and embezzling millions of dollars via theme parks and committing adultery with their secretary and buying multiple G6s to spread the gospel and normal things like that.

Non -crazy evangelicals are okay.

Non-profit religious organizations should stay out of politics.


It’s as crazy as shitting on a dinner plate!


“Trump will be reinstated “by the end of April.””. Not April 1?


There’s some good and useful newz on that site:

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As the Bible says false prophets should be put to death, do we stone this guy if this doesn’t happen by the end of April?

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That sounds Old Testament. They’ve uh, turned the page.

Pastor Robin Bullock … not bollocks?

I wonder if there will be Trump sightings like Elvis sightings in the future.


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Another prophet said that St. Patrick had a mansion surrounded by five foot tall singing shamrocks because Jesus had a sense of humor.

“I can drive these mothrfuckin’ snakes out of motherfuckin’ Ireland but I can’t get these shamrocks to SHUT UP!”

There were Pentagon personnel participating in the Capitol Hill Riots coup attempt.

I propose papercuts so we all get a chance to draw blood.

Gees now things make so much more sense. Like the pastor’s kid that asked me to edit some pictures for them and the fact they had a virus attached to the files that kept trying to connect an offline computer to the internet. Of course it’s all part of god’s plan. Whatever that may be. Just a heads up would be nice next time. Now I’ve got to reinstall an operating system from scratch and reinstall all the now corrupted software.

Btw, for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a perfectly normal exercise.

It’s a matter of separating the true believers from the conditional believers and mere groupies, because you can’t rely on the latter to give you their blood, sweat, tears, life savings, and literal lives. But the true believers, well, as the name says… :rainbow:

“It’s a tale of two presidents and right now in America—because President Trump has never conceded, he never agreed to anything, never stepped away, never conceded,” Jansen continued. "He basically stepped aside momentarily, while things are being sorted out."

This sounds totally
Consistent with Trump’s big brain
But this guy has out

Did not say this year
Trump can return in 1000
He can be Xenu!

Tony Perkins, leader of hate-group Family Research Council, says of the Biden government “The policies that are coming out of this administration are literally from the pit of Hell”. He added

We are literally shaking our fists in the face of God and challenging God, ‘If you’re really God, you do something.’ And he is God, and he will do something.

Like, I don’t know, smiting us with a plague that kills hundreds of thousands?

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Only he can know as he’s the Devil, or associated.

He will never measure up to the big X! :noway: