Evan's Burger

Im surprised there is no thread on this… :ponder: or maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. Anyways went here a few days ago as I was in the area with a relative from the states and decided to grab a quick bite. Now this is my second ecounter with Evan’s burger, the first time was with another friend from Cali and we were craving a burger, so we decided to try this place out. I ordered the blue cheese burger which I was pumped to eat but was super dissapointed!! The burger meat was super bland and a really undercooked. Undercooked to the point where it could have qualified for a ground beef version of beef tatake. The blue cheese was blue cheese salad dressing, which was kind of a dissapointment. I was expecting chunks of gorganzola like i’ve had in the past. But since it was dressing, and the meat was really wet the burger was uneateable with hands. I had to resort to a fork and a knife which felt weird considering it was a hamburger. My friend experienced the same problem with his chili burger. Anyways back too my last visit, I order the Chicken Fajitas since I wanted to stay away from the burger, the chicken was cooked decently but the mexi-rice was horrendous, skimpy sides like peppers etc. and it came with only 2 tortillas. My relative ordered a burger, which was better than I experienced from my last visit but still not great. I don’t think I will be giving evan’s burger another shot. The price is cheap but I geuss so is the quality of the food :frowning: The only positive notes were that the service was nice and friendly and they ushually have sports on TV. Any people out there have any same experiences with Evan’s or hopefully good experiences? :eh:

Is this the Evan’s Burger in ShiDa? I’ve never actually been, but have been thinking about it. Maybe I should rethink the consideration.

Which location did you go to? Their old location is 27, Lane 13, PuCheng St.That may not make much sense, so if you are walking from Shida towards the MRT station on Shida Road it’s the 2nd road on the right. That’s their old location and my buddies and I have eaten there a ton of times. The only issues we had was on Wednesdays when they had the 100 NT burger special. There are a million students there and the quality went to hell.

They opened up another restaurant at 16, Lane 86, ShiDa Rd. I haven’t tried their new place yet. Is that where you ate?

Im talking about the old location, Pucheng St one…maybe i’ve just been unlucky both times :s

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such bad experiences. I’ve been there twice, and both times have been good. As a matter of fact, they’re so busy that they’ve actually opened a second location in the Shi-Da area.

I’ve been to both locations many times.
Friendly service, good sized portions, reasonable pricing. :thumbsup:
I’ve had the same problem with the Fajitas though, too many ingredients, only 2 tortillas.
They should provide 4.
I love the Tornado Burger. It’s what I usually get.
Or the Blue Cheese Burger.
I actually like the dressing on it.
Wish I knew where to get it here.
I keep going back. :lick:

We went on Saturday, the place was packed out, we were lucky to get a table.
GF ordered the tornado burger and I got the chili burger.
Both of us thought the buns were way too sweet, but as there was plenty of jalapeño peppers on the chili burger I didn’t notice after the first bite.
The onion rings on the tornado burger was like they were from yesterday, soft, soggy and not very nice at all.
The fries weren’t bad either and the fact that you also get a free drink thrown in makes it a fairly cheap place to eat at.
However, having a view into the kitchen, I’m not sure I’d want to go back, as I saw a guy working on the dirty floor moving chickens from a huge pot onto a tray… :loco:
They really need to learn about food hygiene here, I mean seriously, chicken can really get you sick…

Can someone PLEASE open a burger place that has normal, non-sweet, normal, no oddities, burger buns?
Forkers has loads of funny stuff in their buns and I’m not into seeds and what not like that (apart from sesame seeds) and KGB has some strange stuff in their buns as well which I think are wholemeal as well. I just want normal burger buns :cry:

Every time I’ve walked past this place, I’ve seen it completely packed with locals and nary a foreigner. Considering the foreigner-heavy constituency of Shi-da, I just assumed that that meant the food there was way too localized.

There was a time when the slightest mention of a new burger place in Taipei would send me into a tizzy. But there are so many burger places now that I no longer feel the need to search for others. KGB is right there in Shida.

So who are you rating these days for Best Cheeseburger??

So who are you rating these days for Best Cheeseburger??[/quote]
I haven’t tried Evan’s, but I still go back and forth between Chili’s and the Diner. But not on the same day.