Evelyn Lin, Shame of China

So we were watching the Taiwanese news and there was a spot about Evelyn Lin. That’s her picture, above. She’s originally from China, but she moved to the US when she was four years old. She’s the talk of China, with many calling her the “shame of China” because her occupation is porn starlet. Is this really fair? Since she basically has little if any connection to the motherland? Now, I suppose it’s just a slow news day and all, but all the same, she is a US citizen who is a Chinese-American. She herself says:

I was born in Hunan, China (so I love spicy ^_~) in 1987 (that makes me 19!) and moved to Southern California when I was about 4 years old. Since I’ve lived here almost all my life, I guess you could call me a So-Cal girl. I love being outdoors in the sun and out on the beach… and like any So-Cal girl, I love the bright lights of Hollywood… and flashing SALE signs.



In my opinion, the people of China don’t have the right to call her the Shame of China!

They just think it’s a shame she

Be sure to check out the ahem “work” of Niya Yu, who claims she is Taiwanese.

Born in China, always Chinese. You cannot renounce your membership of the master race even with all the right paperwork. Anything bad or good you do still reflects on your Chinese birth and the rest of the country. Just ask Stern Hu.

This. The Group Mind will decide who is and who is not fit to serve the Imperial Throne. Your own thoughts and wishes are irrelevant. You will be assimilated or rejected, as the Group Mind wishes. Just ask any of those 2nd and 3rd generation human rights activists who’ve been jailed as Chinese, despite the passports they carry, and despite the pleas of their embassies.

And anyway, have they forgotten about Annabel Chong? I thought she was the real shame of China? What has this upstart done to grab this title?

Apparently, the people of China have no idea of the existence of Annabel Chong. I searched their Internets and found only one thread that mentions her (http://www.leahdizon.com.cn/bbs/thread-92710-1-1.html), and the people only said “she is my favorite” with the response “really?” and “看看世界纪录保持着!Take a look at the world record holder!”.

On her website, Niya Yu announced: “In here, today May, 04, 2009, I officially announce that I am no longer an adult performer in the industry.” However, you can still join her site as a member and ask her to translate an English phrase into Chinese, such as Fred who requested the oft-needed “Oh, you are so sexy.”

Therefore, she has no more shame and there is no Niya Yu, Shame of Taiwan, only Niya Yu, Taiwaness.

Sorry, slow news day. I wonder what you have to do to become Shame of America.

If they try anything on her we should drop a bomb on their asses. She’s OUR shame now, and we ain’t giving it back, get your own shame, damned patriots.

Send us some more of that, forget the hungry and the poor! We’ll take it every day of the week :slight_smile:

Dont forget the PRC cancels your citizenship automatically when you get another.

Its just their reverse way to get attention. The newspapers love her but cant say anything “nice” officially, so they call her shame of China so everyone can get some more pics to study “why” she is called such. Big communist way to get a wank.

Nina Yu is very pretty indeed. But you see hundreds of girls at least as pretty as her just walking down chongshiao for an hour or two, if that.

Two college degrees but she like the money and the sex by being a porn star.

She may have a bit of trouble finding a good man to marry, what you think??

And Anabelle Chong is Singaporean so the Chinese dont have much to say bout her.

Her marathon 200somemenfrickingher documentary was apparently a shocker.

You are 22, a singaporean hottie doing a masters in the USA and you do a docu bout banging over 200 men in ten hours to get over your overly repressed singaporean childhood. And the camera interviews mommy who doesnt know what her daughter does in the US till later.

The reviews suggest that scene and the one she kinda cuts herself up while depressed were seen as disturbing.

Sex to a porn star must be something like having to do the wife after seeing hundreds of vaginas everyday as a OBGYN. There cant be that much excitement left bout sex.

Well, a lot of people do wild stuff in college…


opps… posted the wrong thing in the wrong place

But she’s a bint, not a fellow. She even has tits. And we’re mostly a lot older than 20.

Never knew of her till you guys contributed to my moral decline. Now i had to google her and found a nice clip of her when she was 18 and doing her first anal and having the attitude of getting a new hairstyle. Now shes nearly 30 and is a grad (or still attending) Univ of CAlif. She is majoring in “communications” :slight_smile:

Sure is a hottie, but surely someone needs to be oversexed to want to be a pornstar?

But I guess the exact same acts she did on her first anal (no sorry cant post link here) she couldve done with a college dormie, only difference is that shes getting paid to have all that on dvd,vcd, tape, etc for the world to admire for years.

So maybe the girls that gave it away free were dummer?

But there must be loads of Chinese porn stars right? I mean, is she the “shame” of China because she makes her porn in the US for real money instead of in some back alley den in Shanghai? As if China was free from shameful porn. :loco: I think the Chinese just love to jump on the US when it comes to morals because China doesn’t have any social problems at all. None.

She’s not exactly the first Chinese porn actress in the US either, lol. She probably said the commies don’t like to drink milk on Thursday or something.

I guess it’s okay as long as you’re not doing it in from of the foreigners.

Otherwise the Shame of China exists right across the street from every hotel in China. :unamused: