Event spaces in Taipei - anything free?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of any places to host an event for free (like a seminar or workshop).
In many countries, libraries and some bookstores offer this. So do coworking spaces in less popular areas in order to get more interest in their space. Is there anything similar in Taipei?

I am looking to host some training seminars, and contacted WeWork but the price was crazy.
Any suggestions?

I’ve seen a lot of older people host events in Daan park. These events often start around 5 or 6 am and include anything from Taiqi over Christian pop dance to Disco dance. The venue is free and you can even charge attendees a small fee to provide music and instruction.

yes but not really suitable for a seminar and PPT though…

seems to me, in an environment where space is at a premium and everyone would be happy to eliminate that overhead cost, you’ll have difficulty finding something for free and with a projector provided in taiwan. and then, add the covid-19 factor.

that said, i’d consider a church if it is a one-off sort of thing and you are not charging fees

fair enough… aren’t there public libraries here that could offer it?

my answer was ‘seems unlikely’, but i haven’t checked with all of the libraries. if there were free library space with projectors, i would expect savvy teachers to use it for making money. a church seems more likely, that was my suggestion, but i also haven’t checked all of the churches.

some apartment buildings have a public room that might work, i was dating a girl who used a common room in her sister’s building to teach Chinese lessons. do you know someone who lives in a swank building?

that’s actually a good suggestion. I have seen some of those rooms around whilst apartment-hunting. but I haven’t made enough connections with the higher ups to gain access yet haha