Events Calendar

Dear Administrator:

Is it absolutely necessary to have the World Cup event at Zigga Zagga dominate the WHOLE month’s calendar. First, it is one world cup event of many and is a bit too closely associated with one particular commercial institution. What if every bar and restaurant had a world cup party announcement? Where would you post them all? What next Happy Meal announcements every day from McDonald’s and while the World Cup may be important to many, it is not important to all. Would you allow an artist with a three week exhibition to dominate the calendar like that? Remove some of the postings.

Best Regards
Brian Asmus

Hi Mr. Asmus,

I’m sorry you are bothered by the number of Ziga Zaga postings on the Events Calendar. I was a bit taken aback when I saw it myself – and I was the monkey who hit the approve button!

As to you your question on whether we would post up every bar that did the same – at this point in time, I certainly would. Why? Well, that’s what its for.

I regret that the way I have set up the calendar is not very sophisticated. That said, it is head and shoulders way better than what we used in the past.

What I haven’t faced yet is: what if some joker put a personal birthday party on the calendar – would ORIENTED approve it? Given my harried state these days, it may actually make it thru.

Incidentally, I try to schedule approval of events on Sunday, in time for Christine’s Monday Weekly Email Bulletin.

Any birthdays coming up?