Evernote Clipper

For a long LONG time, I’ve wanted to add an Evernote Clipper to Forumosa. It’s here now and it seems to work.

You need a free Evernote account to use it properly. When you click the clipper, you are prompted to log into your Evernote account (if you are not already logged in). Only the text of that specific post is then transferred to your Evernote account. If you enter any text in the “Add text” box, that text appears in your note above the post’s text - and there is a nifty bar separating your additional text from your note. Experience EN users know that you can easily merge notes together, and when you do, they are also separated by bars.

Do you use Evernote? If you have an Evernote Notebook to share with other Forumosans, let me know. It would be cool to have a shared notebook about Living in Taiwan, Using Forumosa, and others.

Known Issues: Quotes inside posts seem to interfere with the Site Memory button :frowning: That’s too bad. Hopefully a workaround or a solution will be developed soon.

What is it? I couldn’t figure it out from the website.

Evernote is an “electronic notebook” in which you store different kinds of things:
text that you jot down

Used with a smartphone, it acts like an “external brain”. Whenever you need to remember something that you know is stored in your Evernote account, it is easily accessible on your device or computer. This is why they use an elephant as their logo.

There are so many different ways people use it.
I use it to store important documents that I want to have close at hand.
When an idea I want to remember occurs to me, I fire Evernote up in my iPhone and speak into it to record the thought before I forget it.
I take pictures of or scan receipts that I want to reimburse.
Some people use it as a journal to record their kid’s first sounds and speech as well as photos - combined with their own notes, it will become a remarkable journal instantly.
If you are a follower of David Allen’s GTD, it’s apparently almost ideally suited for the system (even though the Evernote developers themselves do not know how to use GTD)

It took me a while to get comfortable with it. And the more comfortable I am with it, the more valuable and fascinating it becomes. I suggest you listen to some of episodes of the Evernote podcast - where they talk about the different ways the software can be used. It is actually the same thing as Microsoft OneNote, which I once tried out early on – and I completely could not fathom how to use it.

For me, Evernote is the most real and understandable example of personal cloud computing - having one storage place that is accessed in different ways on different devices. Now that I “get it”, it has changed a lot of my way of doing things.

BTW, if you do install it on your SmartPhone, remember to log out of it. If you ever lose your phone, your entire life could be accessible to strangers!

so yet more bells and whistles. Can’t it just be a message board where people talk about stuff and that?

And this seems like a good time to ask what’s podcast? Its the kind of thing people mention and you say “mm hmmm,” even though you haven’t got a clue what they’re on about.

Audio talks for the ipod. Like a programme audio file. A video file on the net becomes a webcast.


scroll down and you’ll see headphones and this Listen to the money podcast.

Thanks, Gus. This is useful. By the way, it sounds like a real hassle to sign in and out every time you use Evernote on your phone. Why not use an unlock pattern or a remote wipe solution?

Sandman, a podcast is a series of audio or video recordings you subscribe to. The latest one always gets synced to your phone or computer or other gadget. I quite enjoyed a series of Sonny Rollins podcasts - they’re all collected on this page:

I don’t think this capability in forumosa still resides does it dude?

Sorry. Resist, I couldn’t.

It was a phpBB modification. Even Evernote has changed, too, so it probably wouldn’t work if we were still using phpBB today