Everything you wanted to know about the YouBike

If was going to use one, it would only be to assist me to climb some hills. Not to go faster.

How can they go faster than 25 km when the law says to be identified as an e-bike and not something else

  • (3) Electric bicycle: a two-wheeled vehicle that is powered mainly by electricity, with a maximum speed of 25 km/hr or less
  • and can be ticketed for exceeding 25 km

Seems like this would require them to have some type of speed limiter.


I think it does not help after 25 km/h.
If you got up to that speed, it is not too hard to go faster by muscle force and if gravity helps a bit too (down hill).

Tainan gets it earlier than Taoyuan?
In Guishan, Taoyuan only 1.0 available.
Crossing to Linkou, New Taipei, there are even spread of 1.0 and 2.0.

This is the first Youbike in Tainan.

They had some other system before.

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I know. T-bike, right? It was working when I try it in 2017 in Anping area. But not working in 2021 in Chimei Museum area.

How can I flag a 2.0 as broken, is there something I’ve missed? the seat doesn’t turn like the old ones?
Twice this month I’ve rented a bad bike. :frowning:

I can see the situation getting worse as the new bikes age.

From 2.0 app:

Adjust seat all the way to the bottom, then it can be turned



You can also report the bike as broken in the app. In the menu you just click malfunction report. I always just turn the seat around though, as entering it in the app requires entering the dock and bike number.

If the bike is faulty, as in it says out of service during your rental or it doesn’t allow you to tap off, then you should definitely report it on the app and probably call them. It happened to me once and I didn’t do either. I got a text message later that day about the extended rental and it took them a couple of hours to find the bike and then another day to fix it and refund my card.


They do. You just need to first push them down all the way.

This morning there were 20 bikes available at “my” YouBike station…

… seven of which were being used as garbage bins (sigh)


That is disgusting. I guess there is a lack of bins around

Yeah, that’s unfortunately true. My first scooter had a basket in front and I often found trash deposited in it, so this is kind of a pet peeve of mine :rage:


No chicken bones from the fried chicken stand?


Don’t you know that Taiwan and Japan chabuduo? We don’t need public bins -as Japanese do not because Taiwanese have the same social responsibility as Japanese and can easily deal with our own rubbish. It’s quite clearly the case based on these youbike photos.

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I kind of understand if it’s tourists doing this, but locals…don’t understand how this is still an issue. Every single convenient store has a garbage bin.


Yeah…yet I still see people throw their trash/drink/etc on the ground literally right in front of a convenience store (often buying it from that same convenience store).

As for the YouBike baskets…actually seems like it’s a little bit better than before from my experience.


I thought there were no more ubike 1.0 around…

Probably a naive question, but is it there some way to complain about this? Maybe to the YouBike company so that they would put a sign next to the bikes saying "Don’t use the bikes as a trash bin!!! :rage: "

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New Taipei won’t get rid of theirs for a while. A couple years or something

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