Everything you wanted to know about the YouBike

pro tip: just because you see a YouBike with a seat turned around, don’t automatically assume it’s broken. From anecdotal experience at least, there is like a 30% chance nothing is actually wrong with it…really weird.

I guess most people are well intentioned with turning the seat around, and just erroneously think something is wrong with the bike. I would not be surprised though, if at least a few of these cases are people trying to “reserve” a bike and increase there chances of it being there for themselves or a friend at a later time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are only 1.0 bikes in Taoyuan.


Not sure if they set a date for taking out YouBike 1.0 in Taichung, but every station that I’ve been to that has 1.0 has plenty of 2.0 bikes so I seldom see people ride the 1.0 anymore. Also now have the 2.0 Electric bikes which is a nice addition as well, although I think at the moment only a few cities have the electric YouBikes.


Every one I have used cuts out at 25kph. I assumed it was a brake going on, but I guess it could have just been the motor switching off and the resistance slowing me down.

Once the bike hits 25km/h pedal assist turns off.


I didn’t know about electric ones, can’t wait.
I’m close to Daan park not there.
Tamsui? I use them mostly in Tamsui.

I read that the 2.0 electric bikes have been rolled out in central Taiwan. Are they also now in northern Taiwan somewhere?


Imagine the riverside paths with clueless cyclists cruising at 25km/h




Don’t really want everything to be converted to electric, as biking unassisted has been a daily exercise for me. Hopefully the electric assistance part will be optional.

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Yes, I go for fun rides during lunch breaks in Taichung.

I started looking and not seen any, can’t find anything online.

Oh I never thought of that, really is worrying :no_no:

E-bikes are quite common already, even without the electric Youbikes.

I have used the e-Youbikes in Chiayi and Kaohsiung so far. They work very well. In Lukang I had fun with those green e-bikes they have there. Not Youbike.

It’s great if you want to go far or uphill and need a little boost.

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In Taichung I see most of the electric YouBike’s concentrate around universities. Students slowly pull them in from the neighborhood to the campus. :grin:

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