Evil Airline Fare Games.. continued

Thanks to all who gave such good advice in the thread below. I hope anyone with recent international air travel experiences will continue to offer suggestions. I’m gearing-up for ticket buying and I’ve decided it’s quite similar to having a baby. After pregnancy, labor and delivery, you somehow forget the pain and discomfort and later repeat the process.

Well yes, you do, but you are allowed to retain bitter memories and despise any given carrier. I personally loathe Qantas with a vengeance and am deeply enamoured with Vietnam Airlines, all over jacking (or not in the case of VN) up of holiday fares. If I can [possibly avoid it, I will never again fly Qantas anywhere.

Qantas not only jacked up the fare to double the normal price, but their poofter air stewards stopped serving grog, no I correct myself, they stopped serving ANYTHING as soon as they’d whipped away the food trolley . . . ON NEW YEAR’S DAY! I could hear them twittering and no doubt involving themselves in bestial acts behind their curtained off hidey hole from which they refusded to budge or answer.

I’ve just taken it rather painfully in the rear from Thai Airways for my flight this Easter weekend (yes, we have such a luxury here in the workers playground of HK). HK$3,000 for return fare HK-BKK. Still, I can’t bring myself to hate them.


Our ticketing for a summer trip to the US and within the States is done.
Singapore Air was our choice for the flight to LAX. We managed a mid-week departure and a very early Saturday morning return. The Wednesday departure lowered the final cost to 30,101NT per person RT, tax and fees included. I like Singapore Air. The price may not be the best but the service is reliably good.
US Airways will take us from LAX to the east coast and on to the small airport at our destination. The site was NOT user-friendly. A user profile was needed and the seating button seemed to need clicking before the second passenger name could be added. Still the flight schedules will keep us moving along rather than having long layovers.
The price differences on the USAirways site, at the same time, for the same flights are amazing. As I keyed-in and noted prices, my spouse would key-in the same on our laptop. Price differences of $150 or more for the same flight schedules. Perhaps the system senses the amount of traffic - I don’t know. Good luck, everyone!