Evil capitalists are evil


If there’s one thing Mussolini taught us, it’s that big government and big business are two heads of the same beast. It’s bigness that’s the enemy. Dangerous concentrations of power.

And if there’s anything the Libertarians have taught us, it’s that wanting to be left alone is not by itself a viable political philosophy. You need a workable plan for getting left alone


“…Facebook, Amazon and Google (FAG)…” bwahahaha
So correct me if I’m wrong but, he’s saying that the pendulum is going to make huge swings for a while until people realize it’s all shit and there’s no one to pay for it?


That would be the Film Actor’s Guild.

The children of rich industrialists have always seen themselves as the vanguard of the revolution. When you grow up rich, you never need to outgrow such grandiose adolescent fantasies.

Then there are the tech-robber-barons, who grew up comfortably upper middle class, which is close enough. At least they know how to make money, instead of merely how to enjoy it.

What they don’t know - or care -how to do is to create real value for the consumer.

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Do they do awards for “Backhanded Compliment of the Year”?


I begin to understand that with age , one becomes aware that the lessons of history seem to be forgotten . Maybe it is the struggle to be radical …new…interesting …trendy? Wise words from the past …but they will be ignored , yet again , by an ideology that will not accept reality . Yes , the world would be great if we were all nice to each other and shared everything out equally…yeah right. If they really cared , they would want to find the best way , not the worst way.