Evolution Combat return from Manila

Thought I would make a mention of the great effort the guys at the club made. Evolution combat came back with heads held high after taking so many medals after competing in the 2006 Philippine National BJJ Open. Sadly I couldn’t help out with the medal tally but I hope I helped the guys prepare to get them :slight_smile:

Congrats goes out to Gordon, John, Nick and Demitri for all getting medals and help get the team trophy.

The future of the club looks bright with our club joining up with Equipe Fabricio in Brazil and Stephen Kemphuis in the Philippines. Fabricio has produced world class BJJ guys and has been voted as one of the most technical practitioners in the world. Hopefully we can have someone from his club visit soon.

Anyone interested in Brazilian Jujitsu come on down to the club. www.evolutioncombat.com