(ex) family dispute involving a guarantor and a credit card

Well, a long story, but I will stick to the basics. My ex-mother in law stiffed me for a large sum of money in Taiwan (so did my ex, who is in Canada so 150,000 for mom, and 1.2 million for the ex in misappropriation of funds… :cry: ). She neglected to remember she was a guarantor on a credit card (hsbc). The amount was about equal, so I defaulted on the card. :expressionless: I told the bank to call her, not me. this is 18 months ago. Life moves along. She started to try to harrass me at work, through a friend. I told her friend to buzz off and myob. No word from the bank, so I presumed it had been paid, and all was even. Today, bank rep calls me seeking arrears + interest, threatens salary seizure (ex-mother in law got friend to provide bank with work info). QUESTION: what must the bank do to collect…can they? They can from her, but I am not inclined to cooperate. She has $$, and was the guarantor, so after she and her offspring (my evil ex) unloaded me of more than a million ntd, I am happy to stiff them for a couple hundred thousand. What can the bank do legally? Time frames? Options? Sources of information for Taiwan Law on such matters as debt legal action and collection and foreigners? :shock: Thanks. It was unpleasant enough getting screwed by this family, and they are like the gift that keeps on giving…I don’t like defaulting to the bank,but i know they can ultimately collect from her - she is a sr civil servant in the tax office…can’t afford legal money troubles.

Such people almost certainly have an extensive guanxi network and she’s probably already used it to get the bank off her back and on to yours, as I think normally the bank would simply go straight for the guarantor.
In any case, the question really is: “If the bank seizes my salary, can I afford the legal costs of pursuing a case against said bank?”
First off, I’d insist on being paid in cash from now on. Good luck.

well, points well taken, but really, what can the bank do, is my question. My current contract expires in May, and I have taken safeguards to make myself financially less accessible after that. How long does it take for a claim to reach a court? Would I be informed of a court date in advance? How is legal collection regulated here. Ultimately,she will have to deal with them, for the time being, I am.

Pay the money you owe the bank. There is NO reason for you to default on the money you owe them. The money your ex and her mother owe you is a completely unrelated matter. Take them to court if you must, but don’t link the two issues. It’s unethical.