EX-Theater Asia’s Summer Camp (Free for children of new residents))

Are you looking for a interesting summer camp ?
“EX-Theater Asia’s Summer Camp” is ready for your child !
The whole course focuses on the three core axes of autonomy, respect and love. There are physical development, character education, hands-on practice, aesthetic development, emotional expression, etc., as well as the most eye-catching creativity and imagination.
Under the catalysis of drama, it can be integrated into the scene, and it is fun and entertaining, so that children can learn and grow positively.
Let your child be happy and enjoy the drama to have an unforgettable 2019 summer!

3~6 grade
children of new residents are free attendance
more info and form : http://bit.ly/2Ylho8I
fan page : https://www.facebook.com/extheatreasia/

EX-Theatre Asia was co-established by Lin Pei- Ann who graduated from Intercultural Theatre Institute, Singapore, and an Indian artist Chongtham Jayanta Meetei who graduated from National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006 at Miaoli, Taiwan.

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Sounds fun! Can adults join too?

sorry, it’s just for 9~12 years (3~6 grade) old kid.
this year our theater also has a lot of program.
you can visit and check our facebook ~
thank you

fan page : https://www.facebook.com/extheatreasia/

So this is a 3 day camp, 26-28th Aug?
In Miaoli?
Price? (is free, as it says in the thread title which i didn’t read fully :fleur_de_lis:)

yes, it is 3 day camp at 26-28th, in Miaoli city.
event time is 08:30-17:15, NO STAY OVERNIGHT.
totally free for new immigrant resident’s children.
Welcome to JOIN.

so, one of parents should be a naturalized Taiwanese or a foreigner married to taiwanese, and kids whose parents are both born taiwanese or both foreigners are not eligible to join for free?

means kids father or mother is foreigner is eligible to join.
parents both foreigner -OK
parents one Taiwanese, one foreigner/naturalized -OK
parents both naturalized Taiwanese -OK

If naturalized Taiwanese kid is willing to join or want other time to join, there are other batch, 8/19-8/21, 8/22-8/24.
only the third batch is free for new immigrant resident.
all the kid join first or second batch need NT 2,499.

for clarification,
parents one born Taiwanese, one naturalized Taiwanese -not eligible

At least one parent without taiwanese nationality, right?

sorry, my bad.
for third batch, not eligible type is only both Taiwanese parents.

To clarify, a kid with a born taiwanese parent and a naturalized Taiwanese parent from Ukraine is not eligible, right?

kid has one naturalized or foreigner parent is eligible to join.
so your asking seems ok.

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my asking was solved.

Naturalized parents are not foreigners.

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yap, apology for my bad.
naturalized parents are new immigrant resident, also are Taiwanese.
welcome to join us.