Excel q

Ok… I have some data in multiple currencies. Is there any way I can program Excel to autmoatically get the latest exchange rates and update my sheet into USD automatically?

yep. look here for a start:

windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/w … el_mm.html

thats only for windows based excel. there isnt a web services reference macro for mac excel - to my knowledge.

The Mac Excel does web queries. You could also use Applescript

OK, thanks guys. I tried the web queries and it does it but will it refresh this rate every time the document is opened or is it static, a once off?

:slight_smile: within the help, it looks like this may do it:

Automatically refresh data each time a workbook is opened

  1. Click Data Range Properties Data Range Properties.
  2. Select the Refresh data on file open check box.
    Note If you want to save the workbook with the query definition but without the external data, select the Remove external data from worksheet before saving check box. To select this option, the Use List Manager check box must be cleared.