Executions in N Korea: Jealousy? Political motive?

According to various sources (about which i have, however, no knowledge as to their reliability), a number of artists got executed a few days after they were arrested - allegedly for violating some law against pornography. But there are rumours there is more to the story…

One of these reports:

It’s very strange. Speculation is that Kim Jong-un’s wife was jealous of his former girlfriend and the story is a fabrication. But then why execute others along with her? And the charges of creating pornography hardly seem to merit a death sentence. But the guy is clearly insane anyway. I’m not sure if it’s in your article but I read elsewhere that he had someone executed for partying during his father’s official mourning period. By mortar. So that no trace of him would be left. :astonished:

He probably thought she knew too much about him, maybe she talked to somebody…maybe not.

Cautionary note to women everywhere: do not get involved with fat, ugly little boy-men who tell you they’re going to be president someday.

Seriously, how much longer does the world have to keep hearing about shit like this? These animals are an embarrassment to Hominidae. Can’t we just take him to the vet and have him put down? Or neutered, at least.

She probably spread the word that he has a small sausage, I guess. Buried under layers of fat.

I particularly enjoy North Korea INSISTING to the UN that the going ons in the prison camps aren’t a crime against humanity.

It’s disgusting that in 2013 there are still countries doing public executions like this with machine guns. In front of the victims friends and family! And that awful story about the woman in the prison camps being forced to drown her new-born baby…

This little boy that is ruling North Korea needs to work a mile in someone else’s shoes. Someone with such delusional thoughts should not be in charge of the tv remote let alone N Korea.

Guilt by association. A big thing in NK.

This is North Korea, where merely looking at a member of the Kim family the wrong way warrants the death sentence.

The Kims are a family of monsters.


The report may not be true. It seems to be very unreliably sourced.


Internet news: operating at the speed of derp.

The report may not be true. It seems to be very unreliably sourced.[/quote]

Thanks for the info! Of course, i hope it’s not true, but i suspect executions for flimsy reasons might happen in NK, like in Saudi Arabia, for example.

And there is, of course, a possible political motive for the fabrication of such stories in certain circles south of the border:
“You’ve got to remember that a lot of the time the source is South Korean and it’s in their interest to distort or perhaps weave the truth every now and then”

More thoughts about propaganda in another thread shortly (topic: Fukushima)…

The reality of the horrors that happen in North Korea are bizarre and distressing enough; they do indeed imprison, torture and kill people (and their families) for what we in the outside world would consider trivial acts. There’s no need for people to make up propaganda about what goes on, and those who do are only making things worse for their own credibility.

The truth is always the best policy when it comes to reporting what those in positions of authority do.