Exit Plan(s)

The level 3 warning in Taiwan will be on until May 28th.
However with the fast growing large number of new cases
popping up in Taiwan (mostly in Taipei), I am afraid that
the worst thing that could happen in Taiwan will be an escalation
to a level 4 warning which is a lockdown.

For us foreign teachers being here, do you think that if Taiwan
goes into a lockdown that we will be able to get out of Taiwan
for good?

My contract ends on July 15th and I have only 5 days left for my
paid leave. I need to make my exit plan. However I cannot cut and
run like that because I could forfeit my airfare reimbursement and
my contract completion bonus. I have to have an exit plan because
I got a job offer in Canada.

Only a few factors to look at in regards to getting or not getting out:

  1. Planes flying (most likely). If plane cancelled, how quickly will you be able to re-book a flight (unknown factor).
  2. Able to get the PCR test to fly on your booked plane (unknown factor).
  3. Regulations in your home country for passengers arriving from Taiwan (known factor, as your gov’t website will have details.

Kind of simple really. Look at the reverse picture back in 2020 for those trying to leave Canada/U.S. (rising COVID-19 cases) and coming to Taiwan (safe-haven). It was really all about COVID-19 test result 3 days before and making sure your plane did not cancel or change flight days. Finally, the quarantine in Taiwan.


Leave here? For canada? Due to ccp virus?



You can hum this little ditty while waiting in line with all the other stalwarts.


I’ve talked to one other person so far who has firm plans for leaving. Look at 2020 in (enter country name here) and that is what will happen here, was his thinking. I’m not sure I disagree.

Edit: I agree that the government will implement similar rules that will make life less enjoyable, people will start getting weird (like with refusals to wear masks), etc. I don’t agree that the case numbers and deaths will get as bad as most places. And I don’t personally have any plans to run to the hills/run for my life.


I’ve always got things ready to go if shit were to hit the fan, but COVID doesn’t meet that requirement for me. I’m thinking more about civil war or massive natural disaster. I used to think I’d just stay and whatever happens would be good life experience but now I have a family who I am responsible for things are different. If you told me we had to leave the country this morning, the three of us could be out without ever having to look back before sunset, COVID tests permitting.


I could get myself and my family on a container ship and out pretty quickly, but I doubt we could make it past port authorities at the next destination. :slightly_frowning_face:

There is no exit plan, we are at the hotel California.


Speak for yourself, I have no plans to jump into the oven from the frying pan.



Get out. The sooner the better. You’ll be sorely missed.

Which safe haven would you be heading to? A desert island off Barbados? The Brazilian rain forest? The Sahara?

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I’m with you, mate. Despite the surge in cases, we’re better off here than virtually anywhere else.

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Some of my Taiwanese friends have expressed horror that I haven’t taken the first boat outta here to Canada.

300 cases/d


3300 cases/d



Yeah, talking to my parents in Canada yesterday, they were of course concerned and worried, but every so often the actual numbers would come up, and their reaction was “Wait, THAT’S what you’re worried about?!” They feel like things are improving a lot and they’re coming out the other side, yet the numbers just in BC, with a much smaller population than Taiwan (420 new cases, 6 deaths) are higher than what we’re seeing here.

They do get it and realize the importance of stopping spread in the early stages, but it makes for a bit of a contrast.


Also moving around is about the worst thing you can do when there’s a chance you are spreading the virus around.


There must be some very big disconnect with Chinese-language media and English media.

They don’t hear about Canada because, everyone’s desensitised to Thousands or tens of thousands a day.

Probably has CCP disinformation floating around too.

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But Taiwan really need to up its vaccinations or it will just shut down borders indefinitely. In hindsight, it was stupid to ease quarantine policy on air crew without any new counter-measure.


Can’t argue with that. You’ve nailed it!


Nah. It’s an insular society. Most Taiwanese couldn’t point out Canada on a map. And they don’t give a fuck about what’s going on elsewhere.
International news doesn’t exist here. It’s all about “A Scooter Fell Over In Tainan!” or “Uncle Huang in Chaiyi Grew a Yam As Large As His Head!”
When Trump was running around being a tit, “International News” was covering a breaking story about a giant spider discovered on a banana.


Most people are blissfully unaware of the world outside if their little haven.