Expat Salary

Dear all,

I am going to move from Switzerland to Taipei in probably about a month.

I have read a lot in the forum and it is really a good platform for people like me.

I have read a lot about salaries as well, but not explicit about expat salaries. What is your experience?
I will get a contract with a taiwanese company, but have a contract with the swiss headquarters as well.

I have heard that net salary (stays the same) + paid appartment + 1 flight per year is not too much. Do you think this as well?
Some (or a lot) might get an additional on top of the usual salary.

Question is not about how much you earn or salary vs cost of living, but only usual expat salaries.

What is your experience?


Under this kind of agreement you would normally expect to see some assistance with housing costs in Taipei and also many fims provide a COLA, or cost of living allowance. You might also argue for tax equalisation if you are likely to be worse off than at home.

One of the benefits of taking an international role is that you gain experience which should help you achieve promotion either whilst you are posted, or upon your return home. This will disappear if you stay away too long, as you will find your network in your home country has deteriorated with time.

Expat salaries vary considerably dependent upon the role, the kind of organisation etc. An ex-pat CEO could reasonably expect to earn more than at home, whilst an expat programmer may not.

I would venture to guess that the cost of living in Taiwan is significantly less than in Switzerland, allowing for differences between urban and rural areas, so if you are keeping your Swiss salary, plus getting an apartment paid for, AND 1 flight home per year, I’d say you were going to be living large.

Plus tax would be lower…so sounds fine to me! But you always want to talk up all the costs to your company :slight_smile:

you come to Taiwan in a month, and about your salary all you know is what you’ve heard?

good luck!

Thanks to all of you.

Yes, salary is not fixed yet. more than unusual I think…

you’re getting a raw deal here. get them to include your transportation costs and equivalent education for your children if any.