Expat tattoos face with 臺灣 and independence flag

Wonder if he has to register for egate again.

Comment from the Shanghaiist post from someone who claims to know him:

Sober… just weird, but pleasant enough… not the brightest penny in the fountain.
Drunk? he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

Those comments are funny to read…

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Tattoo face man…if you’re reading this forum…WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!! :rofl:

Paul submitted to a breathalyzer test at the scene and blew 0.82mg/l, more than five times the legal limit. He was held overnight in a detention cell, “where he became highly agitated to the point of even breaking the toilet inside, before he finally passed out due to exhaustion.”


There’sonly one explanation. He was 100% sober when he went to get his tattoo done in an act of brave nationalistic pride, but the owner of the tattoo parlor is a KMT puppet and used whisky-based inks that caused our poor hero to fall into an ink-induced semi-comatose state.


Our hero is so into Taiwan, you’d think he’d know it’s important to “save face” in Chinese culture. :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Yes well said - face is everything in tw. And he has lost face in every possible way lol

He’s lost his face…and gained a country…on his face.


At least his heart is in the right place :clown_face: Taiwan could use some daytime drinking places.

"He claims that daytime drinking has not yet a thing in Taiwan and he wants to encourage it by offering alcoholic drinks to customers nine to five and beyond. "

I see Taiwanese “rice winos” day drinking in (and around) 7-Elevens all the time. Does that count? And you gotta be really dedicated to your craft to drink that stuff. It goes down like paint thinner.

Oh so now we’re starting on paint thinner are we? Next you’ll be saying turpentine isn’t a mellow tipple.

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i dont mind the auld mijiu, actually i like it… the dudes bar is stocked on tennants, red horse, and london dry gin… yikes

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A little sake is OK every now and then, but there’s a reason normal people only use the Taiwanese stuff for cooking. Got kicked in the head by the Red Horse before, and it wasn’t pleasant. Must be the methanol.

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the red horse is about as rough as it gets. yea i think the rice wine varies a lot. i like sake, homemade is good too, tried the ceap ones in rtmart and they were pretty rough allright. didnt realise people use em for cooking, doh!

If you haven’t resorted to the Deer Antler hootch in desperate straits, you’re a tourist

And this stuff will do in a pinch.


ha, yea like one of those whiskey aficionado videos “goats dick, hint of horses nipple, and flying rats arse all coming through on the nose, hint of armadillos testicles and tiger bones on the palate”



This is continuing way off topic but…that whiskey guy’s choice of words lends itself to someone making a video like the one below, if they haven’t already :smile:


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“I am not drinking any fucking Merlot”.

Ha ha, yeah… I didn’t even get the double entendres until now. That guy is some sicko!