Expat tattoos face with 臺灣 and independence flag

Just came across this, maybe he saw it


He’d best not head across the ditch to seek his fortune in China. Methinks that’d be an unsafe move.


Showed the pics to my daughter. Her immediate response was “Why did he do that?” and “He should have put the picture under his clothes.”. She’s 6.

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Is it better to be referred to as the generic ‘lao wai’ through the article or by name?

What say ye?

They would probably tattoo “省” on his ass and deport him

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The tattoo artist said he wasn’t drunk and very clear minded when he got it. I wonder if the guy got it to get attention and attention to his Bar that he talks about?

If that was his plan then I’m sad to say it’s going to backfire. If I walked into a bar and saw a barman like that I would turn around and walk straight out. Those tattoos say “avoid me like the plague”.

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Idk, you don’t see someone with a tattoo saying taiwan on their face everyday. I think I would stay for at least a drink to find out wtf he was thinking. That drink could turn to 2 after hearing the story and so on realizing how stupid it was.

Oh my god. I’m all for promoting Taiwanese independence, but this guy is a total douche. :laughing: If you’re going to disfigure your face, couldn’t you at least get a paycheck out of it like those ‘golden palace’ idiots?

I for one will enjoy watching him wear a wooly hat in 40 degree heat to cover it up.

This guy’s tattoo is positively understated by comparison…


Stupidity on an epic scale. If he was sober, he sure wasn’t thinking long term. If he just wanted publicity, couldn’t he have just gotten a temporary one? Is that even possible?

And how did the news find out? Did he feed the story to them?

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The “clear minded” part cries out for clarification. But how much was the tattoo artist drinking?

I feel like it’s something that would have really stood out. Not much news in Taiwan.

I’m sure he wanted to cover his ass saying that. I mean it would be pretty hard to prove that the guy knew he was drunk.

He’s the same guy who firebombed a convenience store over a ketchup dispute.

Dude sounds like a real prize.

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Think the guy is a fool, but what tattoo artist agrees to do something like this?

How does this dude expect his cram school will react when they see his new “face”?

No doubt the tattoo artist is a piece of shit, but there needs to be an acceptance of culpability on the customer’s part. He still entered a tattoo parlor with the intention of getting his face tatted up. And I know he was drunk, but I’ve never been so drunk I’d do something THAT dumb (you’d think at worst, a person might get some dumb Chinese characters tatted on their shoulder, but I guess this guy had to YOLO :smirk:).

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I see headbands and goatees in his future.