Expat tattoos face with 臺灣 and independence flag

Just in time for Halloween.


The link to the firebombing video is over on Reddit. Someone there claims they know him and another said his wife left him because of the tattoo incident, not sure if it’s true as there was no proof attached.

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Remind you of someone?

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After reading the article I know who he is now, but I won’t mention his name. I’ve met him a couple times. He runs a pretty popular pub here in Kaohsiung.

Apparently this is video of him firebombing a Family Mart or 7/11 over a dispute about convenience store hamburgers. He’s a menace!

I need to show that to Eugene.

As for the expat who did that to his face, my initial post was edited to remove what I thought was a joke asking if this was someone from the forums. So no, the tattoo guy doesn’t remind me of anyone.

What a complete embarrassment to the foreign community and human population. The island would be better off without him.

Why wasn’t he deported and banned after the fire bombing incident?

Just read an interesting blog from last year. It was written by this guy’s cellmate from the firebomb incident. The cellmate was apparently the only English speaker in the prison, so he was charged as this guy’s translator. He paints quite a colorful picture of tattoo face guy.

I think he’s a naturalized Taiwanese now.

Wouldn’t be AWESOME to tatoo 7/11 in his face too?

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The article in Chinese says she was very mad about the tatttoo.

I thought you had to speak Chinese with some proficiency to be naturalized.

Where da link???

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390 NTD solution at Chang An Road:


Article on how expensive it would be to fix the tatoo blunder:

I was about to post the same thing. Having said that, if he was able to become a citizen without speaking the language then I really hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

Incorrect. You just need a certain number of hours of Chinese study.

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So you actually don’t need to speak Chinese to become naturalized in Taiwan? Just have some certification that you studied Chinese?

Link please! I want to read.

Takes balls to do something like this. I commend him for that, even if he was drunk and regrets it now. It’s good to have a view and the courage to express it. My uneducated guess is that 90% of all people are followers and would not have that courage. The courage many of those 90% have though is attacking someone like him from the safety of a large crowd or the safety of anonymity online.

He also had the courage to go through with throwing a molotov cocktail in front of the Family Mart for refusing to sell him a hamburger after he returned the last one because they didn’t have ketchup.