Expect warmer buildings with electric power price increase

My friend said she will use less Air Con, so I will expect warmer summer. in homes Will have go to cooler cafes more.

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11% is a lot. Is the price seasonal or this is indeed unusual?

Predictable pushback from industry:


The price increase is if you use a lot of power, it says most homes will not see big price change.

Indirectly through inflation, everyone pay.


The MOEA said that households using under 700 kWh, and small shops using under 1500 kWh will not be subject to the increases, meaning that 93% of residential buildings and 84% of small businesses will not be affected.

700 kWh is a lot for a household. Don’t think it will affect most of us.

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It depends on the house. If you live in an entire flat alone it’s a lot. If you are a family with multiple AC units that must all run then it isn’t a lot.

The 7% of households that consume that much electricity can certainly afford the price hike.

Also if you live in split flat shares expect to pay max rate year round

my September electricity bill (including July and August) was 1390 KwH, we are a family of 4. so just shy of the 700 threshold.

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My last bill was 202

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It also depends if you’re home a lot or are constantly out. If you run the ac during the hottest part of the day expect high usage.

3685KWH for the bill received in September 2022.


do you have the September bill by any chance?thats the one that was 1390 KWH for us.


Crap, really?! If I’m reading our bills right, last year we ranged from 1074 up to 1745. (Ah, oops, so that’s based on two months, so we’re at, per month, around 550-870.) Two of us in an apartment, me home a lot. Big east- and west- facing windows that make heating totally unnecessary (well, to me; wife disagrees), but perhaps make a/c pricier in summer.

I think I’d better once again try to persuade my wife that, no, we don’t need to leave the living room heater / air conditioner (depending on the season) on overnight.

But our water heater is also electric, so that of course is a factor. Still, I wouldn’t have thought we were in the top 7% of power consumption.

Summer rate is much higher because reasons.

Tell me how, my wife believe it will save money if we put it 24hrs even with the bad windows insolation and a too small AC for the whole living room kitchen.


Luckily, only the AC in my bedroom works anymore. Fans do the job just fine, elsewhere. As for heating, I do it for the cats if temps drop below 10C.


My wife claims it’s for the sake of the cats, both summer and winter. I’m not sure if she means it, or if it’s just her ploy to awaken to a comfortable temperature in the rest of the apartment.

I’m not shy about turning on the a/c, but I try to do basic (?) things like “airlock” different rooms and cool the rooms I’m actually in, rather than the whole apartment. Plus, for example, fan & a/c at 28 degrees, rather than no fan & a/c at 24 degrees.

It’s not a giant concern for me; I’m just surprised that our relatively small apartment, which seems neither excessively cooled nor heated, is on the edge of top 7% for power usage.