Experience with cheap flight website

Does anyone have any experience with using websites such as Skyscanner, tripadvisor or cheapoair ? I’ve found the exact same flights on these websites for 6 ~ 8000 nt cheaper, than when booking directly with the airlines themselves…

Yes, I’ve had the same experience. I now only use Skyscammer (haha, that’s a typo but I think I’ll let it stay) for information. Sometimes going through an agent is cheaper, too. I’m not sure why, but that’s been my experience.

I have used cheapoair and cheaptickets, it was fine, but to fly HK I found a lot cheaper going to the site (hong kong airlines) and input different dates last time I got my 2 way ticket for 4000nt with all the fees but from Taichung. Nevertheless accidentally got a ticket for 1 day after my visa expired and there’s where the money I saved went.

I use Kayak for price comparison. Booking is a little more complicated. I have a travel rewards card from Canada that I earn extra points on if I book through Expedia. If the price is the same I’ll do that, otherwise I will book through the airline. In the case of Air Asia I will always book direct.

I also tried Flight Fox not so long ago… but they weren’t able to find a better fare than what Kayak came up with.

good this:


Travelocity and orbitz does fine too but govolo is good.

Multi search site - In my opinion the best

Click out the search for Expedia and flights.de / fluege.de

Checkfelix.com [/quote]

This is the same engine as Kayak.com !

To state the obvious, the online airfare depends on when you do your search and buy and the dates of your flight. I’m not up on which days of the week are best to buy tickets online but I do try and enroll as a member for different airlines so I can get email notifications for price promotions.

In addition to the airline sites, I also review at some online travel consolidator sites (zuji, priceline, wotif, matrix, skyscanner and cheaptickets) and a couple of local Taiwan travel agent websites (colatours and eztravel) to get the range of airfares. Usually I find that the airline websites have the best prices. However, sometimes the Taiwan travel agent fares have fewer restrictions for almost the same price. Some of the budget airlines are not always well represented with the online travel consolidators.