Experiential dream group workshop in english

Bill Stimson asked me to help promote this free event in Taichung. Please don’t contact me about it though, contact Bill directly (his email address is at the bottom of the post):

FEE: There is no fee. This is a free workshop

Dr. William R. Stimson will be giving a Montague Ullman style
experiential dream group workshop in a private room at a famous old
tea shop in Taichung on Sunday morning October 1, 2006 from 10 a.m.
til 2 p.m. There is no fee for this workshop but those in attendance
split the cost of reserving the separate private room in the tea shop,
which includes tea and snacks. The bill usually comes to NT$200 or

The workshop will be restricted to ten people.

No previous experience with dreams is needed. Attendees must be very
fluent in English and interested in the meaning of dreams.

More information on this dream workshop is here:
billstimson.com/dream_group/ … _group.htm

More information on the Montague Ullman experiential dream group
method is here: siivola.org/monte

Anyone wishing to attend, please e-mail billstimson@mac.com. Please
include a short statment describing the nature of your interest in

Pity about the short notice. Let’s hope to hear about it further in advance next time (if there is a next time).

Actually I have just heard from Bill that he is going to run it again this Sunday, October 8th, due to popular demand.

If you go, let us know how it went.

This sounds great! Would like to attend if they continue into the future

I’ve taken several of Bill’s workshops in the last year and recommend his workshops for people interested in serious group inquiry. I think he keeps his web site up to date and he has workshops as often as there is a suitable group.

I’ve heard he is doing a 1/2 day workshop in Taipei this weekend, though he prefers to stick around Taichung. Lynn Cornberg (Tienmu area, a counselor at Shi Da Counseling Center, JaneELewis@gmail.com) also lead dream workshops.

Contact me for more information.