Explosion in Taichung restaurant

o.O That looks scary af.

Many young people hurt, as the area is close to Feng Chia University. Badly burned youngsters…again.

Very likely the same old dodgy gas tank that is usually the culprit in this kind of situation.

Someone was changing gas bottles and left a valve open same as happened last month in Taipei when 12 were injured.

Close the valve - connect the tube thingy - open the valve

There are 3 things to do, and someone f’d it up…what an idiotic way to cause injuries to others, and in this case even the death of someone.

But also an inevitable side effect of Taiwan’s archaic propane infrastructure.

I stopped using gas altogether because of how many times they left the valve open.

Then my landlady thinks piped gas is suicidal…

Got to be more just a gas bottle…

Have just seen the pictures of the building and of the street. There’s nothing left.

Live update site

Three houses were burned to the ground. All of them were four-story buildings that also had illegal rooftop apartments constructed on top.

They are believed to have been caused by a spark igniting a leaking gas cylinder.

The resulting fire destroyed three buildings, killing a woman on the second floor of the building housing the restaurant. Fifteen more were injured, with two in critical condition.

Well, there was that small incident in Kaohsiung a couple of years ago…

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Oh she thought that even before…

Oh yea, and only how many people died?

I work right next to there and ate there before.
Fortunately not in Taiwan right now

Poor people

Initial estimates of the material damage stood at NT$1.5 million (US$49,400), reports said.

Three floors above the restaurant where the explosion happened, a car parked on the street in front, several motorcycles and six apartments across the street were also destroyed or damaged in the conflagration, fire fighters said.

Initial estimates seem a bit on the low side…

Like 32 people, but hundreds were hurt and blocks of homes were destroyed.

The news yesterday were comparing the explosions with the ones in Banciao in 1995, on Chinese New Year. Luckily, most people were on their way down South, so there were no fatalities, but 19 buildings were destroyed.

What worries me in thsi kind of incident are not the dead, but the ones left “living”. Sure, from the 500 hurt at the amuesement park blaze less than teh estimated died, but msot of teh seriously hurt are in vegetable sstate. That is not living.

At leats 3 people from these Taichng explosions have burns in 80% of their bodies.

Just heard on the radio that the store’s owner died yesterday. That’s three dead now.

Also the explosion was caused by the delivery guy dropping the gas canister into the basement of the store, which caused it to leak.

He died yesterday? Holy cow, it took forever, must have been an agony for his family as well.

Wouldn’t a leaking canister make some noise when accidentally opened/damaged ?

Sounds like they’re missing 2 zeros. More like 5 million USD in damages.