Explosion or fire in Kaohsiung last Saturday

I wanted to post this earlier but I have been traveling and internet access is hard to find. Does anyone know about an explosion or fire in Kaohsiung? I was sitting at that restaurant by the airport and there was a big cloud of thick black smoke on the horizon. I guess it was around 6pm on 27 June. We didn’t hear an explosion, so maybe something caught on fire. It looked big. I dont know maybe this is normal in Kaohsiung, it was my first time visiting.

Looks like the exhaust smoke from a scooter I saw on the road today.

The fire at the nuclear plant, perhaps, that went practically unnoticed in the English language dailies?

The nuclear plant is much further south though. Probably some fire at a refinery it looks like?

It definitely wasn’t the nuclear power plant at Kenting, otherwise i’m probably radioactive now from swimming there. It wasn’t in the direction of the Oil Refinery elementary school. Dragonbones is probably right, it was just some scooter.

The fire at the nuclear plant was pretty big; in the news they showed these columns of very dark smoke for a long time. The neighbors were concerned.

But of course, everything was under control, no radiation escaped, :blah: :blah: :blah:

And in summer, it is frequent also to have large groups of huddled up scooters “suddenly” catch fire… by themselves… spontaneous combustion ! (well, teh heat and gases may play a role).

So they didn’t notice the 3 eyed fish?

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But of course, everything was under control, no radiation escaped, :blah: :blah: :blah:

So they didn’t notice the 3 eyed fish?[/quote]

But, but the three-eyed fish have always been there!

There was a factory fire today in Kaohsiung :fire: :fire_engine:

‘Hot pants’?

THATS what that smell was this morning.

Burning plastic everywhere.