Exporting Car to USA?

Anyone ever ship a car from Taiwan to the US?

I just learned about the Datsun 1200 Sunny Pickup, or 303t as it seems to be called here. I’m a big fan. I want to bring one back to the US with me when I leave. Anyone have any experience with such a thing?

I’ll be registering it in NH so there shouldn’t be state-level issues, it’s just a matter of getting it out of Taiwan and into the US.

There’s lots of good info on shipping to Taiwan, but for this I’m coming up dry. Did anyone bring your car to Taiwan and then back to your home country afterwards?

Oh, and these are insanely rare in the US which is why importing a car that’s barely worth as much as the shipping is remotely justifiable:)

Thanks bunches in advance!

I’m not American nor lived in Taiwan…so consider the below very dubious information.

I think it has to be over 25 years old to be allowed in the states, as it’s a Datsun I think it fits that bill. I don’t personally see how Taiwan would have any issue with you exporting a car, usually most of the trouble is getting it imported through customs and such on the other side. Asbestos content on an older car is also something to be considered.

I did a quick google and these guys came up. Shipping costs would be the same for the “ocean” part although you’ll obviously have ground shipping charges etc. Taiwan-side. Might be worth a phone call.

If you can’t get it in the US, have you thought about parts availability or resale value?

Thank you, that fits with my understanding of how things work - and good idea to reach out to a shipper directly, they probably know what’s up!

As far as parts availability, seems like most parts cross-list to other US merket 1200cc Datsuns, and their RHD JDM and SA market counterparts have a dedicate following - in fact part of why I want one is the its unicorn status as super rare car for which parts are very available. Not like my old Saab 99e!
And I’m more interested in the having than the selling :wink:


I remember seeing a guy on Facebook and/or Youtube who was exporting Delica’s from Taiwan to the states so it’s definitely doable.