Extending the ARC without the Housing Certificate?

Hi everything. First time posting here.

I got a couple questions to ask you guys.

I’m about to graduate and get my diploma here at a uni in Taiwan. I know that I can extend my ARC for one more year (2 times) for a job-seeking purpose.

But then, I need to go back to my country for the military purpose. It might take me a couple months or even half a year before I can begin to be looking for a job in Taiwan.

However, the ARC requires me to submit the Housing Certificate which I won’t have since I’ll check out of my dorm and go back to my country.

Will it be a problem if I don’t have it?

In case, if I don’t extend my ARC because I won’t stay here anyway. Will it make any difference when I begin to find a job here without the extended ARC?

Thanks in advance.