Extending VISA one day for the 'cruise to nowhere'

My visa expires the day before I can take the ‘cruise to nowhere.’ I was wondering if anyone had ever gotten their visa extended one day (before making a visa run.) I know I could just overstay my visa but have the time to do it correctly if it can be done. I have a five year multiple entry visa from the US.

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Just go down to your local foreign affairs police and tell them your situation, I’m sure they can extend it one day.


I checked in with the Foreign Police and they told me to buy the ticket and bring it with a copy of my passport, visa and the ticket and they will extend my visa for the extra day.

Could it really be that easy? We’ll see!

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does this mean that the cruise to nowhere is still running? i read some posts on this forum months ago that made it seem like it was dead. do you have any information on this cruise? like how much it costs and where to book it? i, too, have a 5-year multiple entry visa and would love to take advantage of this cruise for those times when i have nowhere to go.

Indeed I do! The cruise line is called Star Cruises and their website is

Here is the basic info: ( 3 Days / 2 Nights ) Yonaguni Island Leisure Cruise. Leaves Friday night from Keelung and returns Sunday afternoon to same with no stops in between. There is an express passport line for foreigners once you return so you don’t have to wait in line forever.

Our contact person is Robert, 04 2231 0022 (office) or 0916 263 329 (24 hours). He will need you to fax a copy of your passport and visa to him at 04 2231 0022. The cost varies from room to room and the cheap ones fill quickly. Minimum two people per room or you pay 1.5x the cost per person if there is only one person in the room. The cost ranges from 8k up per person. ($8000 x 1.5 if you are alone etc.)

The cruise is fun, the included food is buffet style and is pretty good. Everything else costs you some money including any drinks other than water. There is gambling and duty free shopping once the boat hits Intl. waters and the free entertainment is good fun for the price Bring a book, some clothes and a camera. I think everything you want to buy (drinks, show tix, gifts, massages, etc.) can be charged to your room and paid for all at once at the end.

Karen and I are planning on going on the August 16th sailing, so if you come, look us up!

Hope this helps!


thanks for the info, lan. i won’t be needing to make a visa run anytime soon, but i’ll keep the info for the cruise around in case i need it in the future.

so do you need a multiple reentry visa, or can they issue you with a new visa?