Extending visa?

I am Canadian and have a 2 month multiple entry extendable visa. My two months are up soon and was wondering how I go about extending it without leaving the country? I heard you can just go to Foreign affairs without a reason. How long will they extend it for? And how many times will they do it? Thanks!!

You can only extend it for a small number of reasons. Aside from emergencies and visiting relatives, probaby the only one that you can use is ‘study’. For this you need to be enrolled and paid up at a Chinese school (usually 10 hours a week) before your visa is going to run out. Unless you want to go to HK, you’d better move quickly.


Help! I have a muliple entry visa and have already received a 2-month extension. The problem is that I am supposed to leave the country by December 17, but, I actually have obligations that will keep me here until the 30th!

If I have to leave earlier I guess I have no choice, but what if I stayed for 2 more weeks???

Does anyone know what kind of penalties I’ll get for overstaying my visa? If it’s a fine, how much? I’d rather pay if it costs me less than a trip to Hong Kong, on the other hand, if I’m going to get thrown in jain or kicked out of the country permanently, than

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Basically like Bu Lai En said, it is difficult to get an extension. But being you have a two month extendable visa, it may be easier. I am not familiar with the procuedure for this. You can just try, but like what was already mentioned before you should prepare for a really really good reason why they should give the extension to you.

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If you are caught over staying your visa by just one day yes there will be a fine involved, how much? Does anyone know this? You may also be placed on a blacklist and forbidden to enter Taiwan for up to a year. Depends. It is best not to overstay your visa. Try to get an extension in Taiwan, if not, take a trip to Hong Kong or Japan or whereever and get it extended there, the process is very easy and very fast. Good luck.