External CD-Writer

Thinking of buying an external CD-Writer for backups from my laptop.
Guess USB connection is the preferred choice!?

Anything else I need to consider and what’s a good price for it?
Seen some around the NT$2500 mark at Sunfair …

If you go for USB, make sure your laptop supports USB 2.0. The older USB 1.1 can only manage read/write speeds of about 6X speed which means you’ll be spending a lot longer burning a CD. NT2500 is about right for an external drive. You might be able to buy the drive and case separately for a little bit less but probably not a whole lot.

Oops, forgot to add… If your laptop doesn’t have USB 2.0, you can add a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card. It’ll cost about NT800.

It’s a fairly new laptop so I guess it has USB2.0
Thanks for the advise!

I got an internal one with a USB case and it didn’t work with my laptop, but later I bought one that was an external with USB 2.0(since I’m not on my own computer, I can’t tell you the brand right now), and it works like a charm. I got them at FNAC (Asiaworld), maybe a little overpriced, but I prefer buying from them since their customer support staff has always been nice and helpful (and speaks English).

Got an acer one, which I don’t use anymore since my new laptop has an internal one…=( Other than that, it works great, never had any problems with acer…