Extracting frames from a VCD

I’m thinking it would be great to freeze and extract frames from a VCD (home-video content) and turn them into photo files.

Does anyone know how this is done and with what program(s)?

Plenty of media players, e.g. Nero will let you do a print screen dump. Or you could try Virtual Drub, which is free.


I’d second VirtualDub - absolute breeze to use too.

PowerDVD will let you take frame grabs from VCDs and DVDs too.

I’ve downloaded the program and can see that it allows me to view a video frame-by-frame.

However, I have no idea how to save specific frames image (jpeg) files. There seem to be so many options; it’s intimidating. I don’t want to accidentally alter the VCD permanently. The online Help site doesn’t look too promising.

Can someone :help: ?

Go to File -> Save Frame As… (IIRC), that should do it.

The easiest way is to move the slider along the bottom until you find the frame you want. Then go to the “video” menu and select “copy source frame to clipboard”. Now open your image software and select “paste”. Bingo!

To save as JPEG, just select JPEG from the “Save as” formats in your image software - you can use Microsoft’s default “Paint” package if you have no image software.

For some reason, my File menu doesn’t include the “Save frame as…” option, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten stuck.

Tried Closet Queen’s suggestion and it works beautifully.


Oops, my bad - I was confusing CQ’s method and the “File>Save Image Sequence” ones… Sorry.