Eye Catch

What is this term EYE CATCH? I recently came across this term when a student here told me it was new USA slang. He said it is a computer term.

I have heard of eye candy, and to catch someone’s eye, as in SHE CAUGHT ME EYE…but “eye catch?” is this really a new term or is it CHINGLISH?

When did it begin, who started it, where, when?

I googled and found some references but nothing to xplain it all.

anybody here use this term?

metallart.at/htm/netscape/ga … eCatch.htm

maybe this is it: “In anime TV series, an eyecatch is a brief bit of animation used to lead into (and return from) a commercial break.” REALLY? have you ever heard this term before? is it new or old?

We use eye-catches in our club program to introduce intermissions. We have some good eye-catches, but we’d like to have better ones (and more variety). What better excuse for a contest?

Never heard it before. Might be Chinglish, you know how people here like to make up English and think it’s real English, and completely miss the point of slang, ‘Vs’, ‘NG’, that transvestite ‘capo’ piece in the China Post etc…

It could be something before and after adverts (Who knew what tracking is in newspapers?), in which case it’s not really a computer term, but it might have spread.

Did he say what it means ?

The term ‘eye catch’ that I’m aware of is a Japanesified english phrase referring to the short clips before and after commercial that have the characters from the show and show logo. Seems more common in Anime than other shows. I’ve heard local examples of ‘English slang’ before that I don’t see any sign of actually being used in English speaking societies, so this could be yet another example of someone making up some English phrase and passing it off as real.

Yes, thanks, guys, i am getting the vibes from muy spaceship now, that it’s a Japanese English JAPLISH expression as jlick correctly explains. Interesting. i never heard the term before this week, when one of my Taiwanese college students asked me what it means, and i said I really didn’t know. Now I do. sort of. EYE CATCH. weird japanese englishy!

Please, please, let’s not start this again!

actualy, jlick, Japlish is a polite term in Japan, according to my friends who teach there. True, the word JAP by itself is a no no, as mod long has agreed, finally, but Japlish to mean Japanese/ENglish words appears in print in newspapers and websites in Japan with no one complaining. it is a different doggy. but thanks for the alert.

Use the word Japlish among your friends in Japan if you wish. You’re all wrong. The word they and you appear ignorant of is known in the English-speaking world as Engrish.
(4,600 googles for Japlish; 78,000 for engrish). Here’s a fine example of Engrish in action.

Sandman, now YOU are treading on racist waters. Watch your back! Making fun of Asians because they cannot pronounce their ells will only get you in hot water here. That’s a lame joke and doesn’t belong here, it’s so tired and OLD and lame most of all. Stop being such a twat, as my good friend Maoman might say.

LATER POSTED: Oh, so it’s from a website. That makes it okay, I guess. Such bad taste, it’s amazing they get away with it. Who is the headmaster of that webmaster site? I aim to write him a letter.

THird edit: well, now i see the difference. Japlish is words that combine English and Japanese terms or are Japanese creations based on English words. But ENGRISH as she is spoken or photographed is just silly use of real English words on t shirts and signs. Nothing new. Bad term for such events. I would call such usage LIPLISH.

EYE CATCH is an example of Japanese ENglish, aka Japlish.

URINE TESTER on a t-shirt is Engrish, I gwess! But I digress. Sandman, I thought, when i saw your learned name here, that you were going to tell us about the origins of EYE CATCH. THere’s still time.

I asked around here and got plenty of strange looks when I mentioned “eye catch” Of course, Berkeley people are probably more hippie/Democratic than the rest of California or the United States :smiley: