Eyedrops for nearsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye

Hello, I remember that Ophthalmologists in Taiwan often prescribe eyedrops for those experiencing the symptoms I mentioned above. And on some individuals with minimal nearsightness they often correct the issue and avoids the need of glasses and contacts. Do they still do that?

Though I guess its necessary to first find a good Ophthalmologist in Taiwan in order to have a good treatment and to prescribe the right eyedrops?

Also I would like to find out are there remedies one can try before seeking doctor and medication I heard that sometimes this may be related to whats called computer vision syndrome and that simple artificial tears can help.

I am surprised I don’t see more eye related topics in Forumosa given that eye issues are so prevalent in Taiwan.

I think that many of the Forumosa posters have arrived here from other Countries, outside Asia. Sadly , there does seem to be a correlation with the Asian environment and poorer eyesight.
This is a fairly old study, but attempts to explain some of the possible causes.

I think the study is probably on point with having to focus with your eyes for long periods of time damaging them.

My boss used to take her kids to this ophthalmologist right by exit 8 of Taipei Main Station mrt. He prescribed those drops for her son but said her daughter was too advanced for those. I always viewed those drops with distrust but she thought they worked and spent lots of money there.

I like it here where glasses are not mocked nor people think your eyes are bad because you watch tv too close. I needed to be closer to books and tv because I couldn’t see well. Glasses are a liability where I come from, make you easy target of thieves and bullies.

As to treatment, it is funny how the laser craze was stopped by the doctor who pioneered the procedure here.

You may be talking about the habit of Taiwan eye doctors to prescribe Atropine drops as a remedy. In most countries Atropine drops are only used a diagnostic tool not as a medication. The benefits of Atropine to slow myopia are not clear cut as far as I can tell.

I remember getting them when I was a kid, one of the side effects was sensitivity to the sun. I later asked the eye doctor in the US. He said if someone invented such a thing they would be a billionaire.

I am guessing Atropine is used in Taiwan and other parts of the far east for situations in which the locals consider temporary vision impairment, which people may call lazy eye or strained vision syndrome which may resemble Myopia but seems to correct itself. Though eye drops may help speed the recovery. Though it may not be able to reverse genetically induced myopia in which many Asian children with myopic parents just cannot escape and just gets worse and worse.

Interesting Taiwan has a lot of proverbs in taking care of the eye including having reading with a certain distance from reading material and having lighting from the back. As well as remaining a good distance from the tv and not watch tv while laying down.