F-16 crash in Hualien?

Just heard Michael Cole announce this on FB.

Bummer. Search and rescue team in operation.

About one a month by my reckoning

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Is there any chance they are defecting? Just a thought.

No. Their tempo of operations is very high.

The tear and wear from intercepting the trespassing PLA spy planes and military incursions.

Friggin commies.

In a war China doesn’t have to invade. Just wait for all the planes to crash by themselves.
Edit… /s

That’s what the commies want you do believe. They were going to manipulate Taiwanese media to make people think so, but you just did it for them.


I forgot the /s … was not meant to be serious. Just speaking to the amount of plane crashes over the years.

Two minutes after take off at night

Two possibles come to mind

Mechanical problems or

Sonographic illusion especially dangerous flying into a pitch black night such as over water right after take off


This is why big jets are strictly IFR. You DO NOT fly by the seat of your pants when flying a big jet, because your sense lies to you. You think you are going up or on level flight but in fact you are losing altitude. Planes have crashed due to malfunctioning instruments.

When it’s dark, foggy, or whatever it’s not like you’re going to see anything other than darkness or fog anyways. Pilots are trained to ignore their gut instinct and always trust their instruments.

When you’re flying just imagine if the pilot does not tell you that they are descending. See if you can detect any altitude change without looking out the window.

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Please write it out properly. It’s J. Michael Cole.

Well this is what you get buying US military hardware

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More like


What’s the “J” for?


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Thanks. Now I understand.

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BTW can they not fly F16s on 1010 day and give them a rest? Sheesh.

If F16s are overused and pilots are overstretched, why still use them for pageantry?

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Well, this is what you get when Europe is so intent on sucking China’s cock that they refuse to sell weapons to Taiwan.