F****** myself in the head with stupid (wo) men

Just listening to the song and reminds me of a Taiwan girl I knew OMG.

Quoting Amy Winehouse

Who hasn’t f***** them self in the head with stupid men or stupid women?


the aborigine ex-?

U so funny.

No it was a Chaiyi girl but the girl to which you reference actually continues to be so quite right and bright.

why not go back to her?
same issue?

The lesson I’ve learned is that don’t look for fixer uppers, and don’t let yourself be one. Find someone who is ready to be in a committed relationship, can communicate and manage their emotions. Those who are not ready despite you being there for them, they either don’t want you to fix them, or don’t want you period. It’s hard to stop wondering about those who got away, but it’s much more meaningful to focus on the ones around you.

I mean what’s the alternative, wastes your youth away and have nothing to show for it? By the way, that’s what I did for 6 years. Do not recommend.


That is correct. Thats what i have learned too myself. All my exes were the ones who wanted to be with me since the begining but the ones who were unsure, they always remained unsure no matter how much i waited or treated them nicely.

Someone who isnt sure about you in the begining will never be sure about you later so always chose the one who choses you within no time.


How’s that midlife crisis coming along? :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy sh&t is this good advice. :beers: